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Top 10 Miserable Sports Cities (North America) *at least 2 pro teams

The city should be a city that has been accustomed to their sports teams being successful at some point, not cities whose teams don't have success basis.
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    And the Cavaliers team has made two Finals appearances against the Spurs and Warriors,continuing the dynasty of the Spurs by getting swept and allowing the Warriors to win their first title in 40 years.
    The Indians have been a franchise who can accumulate talent and be in contention routinely, but fall short of winning the World Series. They made it to both the 95 and 97 World Series,losing to the Braves and Marlins respectively. The 97 WS was the heart-wrenching due to the fact the Indians blew the lead in the 9th inning.
    The Browns were once a powerhouse in the 80s, making the AFC Title game twice, losing to the Elway-led Broncos in heart-wrenching fashion both times.
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  • 2Atlanta
    The Hawks have been a regular model of success since the 80, being in the playoffs almost yearly.But they never made a Finals series with Dominique Wilkins,arguably the greatest Hawks player ever.
    The Braves were the class of the NL for the better part of 25 years under the management of Bobby Cox, but were seemingly stonewalled in the World Series by several teams in the 90s. They did win the 95 WS, but they should have won more than that.
    The Falcons have been a regular fixture in the playoffs for the past 30 years, making a Super Bowl in the late 90s, losing handily to the Elway-led Broncos. And they made two NFC-title games since then. Not to mention having Michael Vick being associated with your franchise is a stigma that won't leave anytime soon.
  • 3Phoenix
    The Suns have been a regular fixture in the playoffs or a team that is in the playoff hunt for years, making some Finals appearances, but ultimately falling short each time to teams with more talent.
    The Diamondbacks began out on a wild tear by becoming one of the best expansion teams in the 90s, and upsetting the heavily-favored Derek Jeter led Yankees in the WS before fizzling out and becoming a mere afterthought.
    The Cardinals have quietly become one of the NFL's greatest success stories within the last 20 years. The Cardinals though have had a difficult time turning that success into a title,falling just short in SB XLIII and making a few NFC title games since then.
  • 4Buffalo
    The Sabres have had sporadic success, but did make a Stanley Cup Finals in the late 90s, ultimately losing in a controversial call to the Dallas Stars.
    The Bills would have the team that personifies miserableness in its fullest sense. The team is the only team in NFL history to lose 4 consecutive Super Bowls, each to current NFC East residents. But the most heartbreaking loss was the missed kick by Norwood that would have beaten the Giants.
  • 5Houston
    As a Houston fan, I was tempted to put them at #1 for constantly being a wasted opportunity for so much talent. But after research, I felt comfortable putting them at 5
    The Rockets teams have had a hard time since they won back to back titles in the mid 90s. They have been a regular presence in the playoffs for the better part of 30 years and have had a hard time closing the book since the mid 90s due to much injured Ming and McGrady and the lack of superstar talent since their title runs.
    The Texans had a hard welcome to the NFL, but have become a regular contender for the playoffs in the last few years with the leadership of JJ Watt. But postseason success has eluded them as they have yet to make a conference title game.
    The Astros had been a team that has been relatively successful, coming close to WS appearances with the Nolan Ryan led teams in the 70s and making a WS in 2005 under the leadership of Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Roger Clemens, and Andy Pettitte led squad.
  • 6San Diego
    Don't forget Eli Manning screwing the Chargers over by demanding to go to a different team if drafted. Eventually they got Rivers, but he hasn't taken them to the promised land...meanwhile Eli has 2 rings. Brutal.
    The Padres have been a team that can find talent, but can't seem to win it all. They lost the 1984 and 1998 World Series to the Tigers and Yankees, despite having Tony Gwynn's bat in the lineup.
    The Chargers have had amazing talent. They reached one Super Bowl in the mid 90s, losing to the Steve Young-led 49ers squad, and reached an AFC title game under Norv Turner. But success has not come since then so easily.
  • 7Cincinnati
    The Reds are a team that defines baseball's heritage, being the first team. But they have had a tough go of things since Pete Rose got suspended for life. The team hasn't won a WS, and has struggled to win postseason serieses, and has struggled to even make the postseason.
    The Bengals have been a team that has had a tough time winning postseason games, not having won since a postseason game since January of 1991, when they beat the Raiders. The team has come close a few times, most notably against the Steelers, but costly penalties and turnovers bit them in the end. And they also lost to Joe Montana's 49ers squads tw
  • 8Charlotte
    The Panthers franchise has really been a team that seems like it can win a Super Bowl, but things seem to never go their way to win it all. They are almost always a threat for the playoffs and can make deep runs, but never can get the dice to fall right in the big game.
  • 9Nashville
    The Titans are a team that found success right away, in part due to relocating from Houston with all the talent and a good head coach. The team was a regular fixture in the postseason for almost 2 decades, losing the closest Super Bowl on record.
  • 10Tampa
    The Rays are a team that entered like their football counterparts, but they found success for a time between the mid 2000s to the early 2010s, making the playoffs a few times, and losing to the Phillies in the 2008 WS.
    The Buccaneers franchise is a team that is streaky. They entered the league and was the laughingstock for their color scheme and their awful play. But in the late 90s to the late 2000s, the team enjoyed its greatest success to date, winning a controversial Super Bowl over the Raiders and making numerous playoff appearances. But the team has not fou
  • 11Miami suggested byB.D. Cooper
    With the recent success of the Heat, Miami is a town that can at least hang their hat on that achievement.
    The Marlins are a team that come in hot, winning 2 WS titles in 6 years. But the time has never won a division title and has not made the playoffs since the 2003 season.
    The Dolphins are a team that had the greatest head coach in the history of the NFL and one of the greatest to ever play the quarterback spot, but Dan Marino never won a SB ring with them. And the team has not had any success since Marino's retirement.
  • 12Seattle
    Ok, I moved here when the Seahawks got good, so it's hard for me to relate to their "plight." But losing the Sonics, seeing them thrive as the OKC Thunder (although they haven't won the title), and failing to get another team after several tries, I guess I can sympathize. Plus the 2001 Mariners wining 116 games, only to crash in the post season w

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