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Top 10 Insane Things The Marvel Cinematic Universe Just Glossed Over

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    1None Of The Avengers Being Aware Of A Team Of SHIELD Agents Led By Coulson Who They Saw Die Make Your Case
  • 2How Many Times The World Almost Ended And The Avengers Has No Idea
    Specifically The World Almost Ended In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Agents Of SHIELD, And Runaways And The Avengers Were Never Aware Of The Danger.

  • 3Eventually The Snap Is Going To Happen To All The TV Characters Unless They Actually All Live In Another Timeline Where The Snap Never Happens Make Your Case
  • 4How Exactly Can Captain America Return The Soul Stone Make Your Case
  • 5How Smart Thanos Would Have To Be To Be Able To Make More Pym Particles
    Well Thanos never heard of pun particles. One of the mistakes Thanos made that lead to the failure of his decimation plan was that he failed to acknowledge that there were other ways to travel through time without using the time stone

  • 6Bruce Technically Killed The Hulk When He Became Professor Hulk Make Your Case
  • 7Captain America Made Out With His Niece Make Your Case
  • 8Exactly How Many Timelines There Actually Are
    Not just with Endgame but also with Agents Of Shield when they got trapped in a time Loop and a dark future

  • 9Doctor Strange Let Everybody Fight Thanos Knowing That They Would Lose And He Would Have To Give Up The Time Stone To Save Tony Make Your Case
  • 10How Would Zemo's Plan Have Worked If The Other Avengers Were Able To Show Up To The Compound
    Basically let's say the airport battle didn't happen or had a different result the other team members probably would have stopped Tony before he tried to take revenge.

  • 11Thanos wipes out half of plant and animal life in the snap too suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 12Thanos subjected the species he cut in half to a second decimation suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 13Captain America Probably Had To Use The Time Stone Just To Be Able To Return All The Stones To Their Proper Places Make Your Case
  • 14How Many Powered Individuals, Aliens, Other Dimensions, And Other Things SHIELD And The Avengers Are Completely Unawre Of Make Your Case
  • 15So Nick Fury Had The Means To Call An Almost Unstoppable Hero For Years And Doesn't Even Consider Calling Her Despite The World Almost Ending Several Times
    Well captain marvel told him to only contact her in very severe emergencies. The avengers and many other superheroes stopped many plans before the decimation so her services were not needed

  • 16Captain America In The Timeline With Peggy Probably Allowed Major Events To Play Out Including Letting Another Version Of Himself To Stay Frozen In Ice Make Your Case
  • 17The Tesseract was also on Asgard when the Aether was there suggested byAdam Garfinkel Make Your Case
  • 18Doctor Strange Probably Could Have Portaled Everybody To Wakanda And Battle Thanos There With The Full Team Make Your Case
  • 19Some Of The Avengers Could Have Beat Thanos By Themselves Yet They Lost In Many Timelines Make Your Case
  • 20Tony Could Figure Out Time Travel But Not How To Make More Pym Particles Make Your Case
  • 21Characters Like Sif, Abomination, And Other Characters Are Still Out There But Are Almost Never Mentioned Make Your Case
  • 22Shield Probably Could Have Figured Out That Mysterio Was Lying If They Checked His Background Properly Make Your Case
  • 23Captain America Being Able To Summon Lightning With Thor's Hammer When It Is Later Established That It Helped Thor Channel His Lighting Powers And It Wasn't Actually The Hammer
    The writers actually admited that it is a plot hole

  • 24Loki Can Fight Thor On Almost Equal Ground But Hulk Defeats Him Easily Make Your Case


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