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Top 10 Insane Things The Arrowverse Just Glossed Over

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    1Oliver Being Able To Get Kryptonite And The Fact That He Even Knows That It Was Kara's Weakness Make Your Case
  • 2Barry Can Run Fast Enough To Stop Time But Criminals Still Find Away To Escape From Him Make Your Case
  • 3The Legends Mess Up Time All The Time But Barry Is The One Who Is Punished The Most For Time Traveling Make Your Case
  • 4How Fast Mister Terrific Aka Curtis Braids His Hair As Part Of His Costume Make Your Case
  • 5How Heroes Specifically The Flash And Supergirl Claim That They Don't Kill And Criticize Others For Doing It Even Though They Have Killed Before Yet Not Intentionally Make Your Case
  • 6We Really Need To Work On Security And Yet Everybody Stills Walks In With No Problems Make Your Case
  • 7How Characters As Smart As Lena Luthor Don't Figure Out That Kara And Supergirl Are The Same Person While Other Characters Have Figured It Out Just By Being Observent Make Your Case
  • 8Time Travel Probably Changed A Lot More Things For Team Arrow Make Your Case
  • 9Kara Beats Superman In A Fight Despite Him Having More Years Of Experience Than Her Make Your Case
  • 10The Times Oliver Calls Barry Yet He Is Not Able To Stick Around To Solve The Main Problem Make Your Case
  • 11Different Versions Of Characters Getting Erased Because Of Time Travel Make Your Case
  • 12The Speed Force Might Be God Or A God Make Your Case
  • 13Oliver Getting Away With Not Wearing A Mask And Later A Small Mask For So Long Without People Figuring Out His Identity Make Your Case

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