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Top 10 Dumbest Decisions by Disney Animated Villains

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    1Becoming a Genie - Aladdin

  • 2It's My Word Against Yours - Zootopia

  • 3No Capes! - The Incredibles

  • 4Hyena Excuse - The Lion King

  • 5Bird Provoking - A Bug's Life

  • 6Wardrobe Malfunction - The Emperor's New Groove

  • 7I'll Kidnap a Thousand Children Before I Let This Company Die! - Monsters, Inc.

  • 8Off Balance - Beauty and the Beast

  • 9Betraying Anna - Frozen

  • 10Left the Others for Dead - Toy Story 3

  • 11Turning herself into a hag - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs suggested byMichael Ross
    Just a reminder: The Wicked Queen's whole motivation was to once again be the fairest of them all. And she hoped to obtain that by making herself butt-ugly?

  • 12Deliberately causing an accident with only two other cars on the track - Cars suggested byMichael Ross

  • 13Everything - Big Hero 6 suggested byMichael Ross

  • 14Telling his sister the toys are alive - Toy Story suggested byMichael Ross

  • 15Replacing the main character / continuing to race - Wreck-It Ralph suggested byMichael Ross

  • 16Trying to cause the great golden eagle's extinction - The Rescuers Down Under suggested byMichael Ross

  • 17Sending the cyclops after Hercules - Hercules suggested byMichael Ross
    The terms of the deal were that Herclues would lose his powers and Meg would not get hurt. She got hurt during the battle with the cyclops, which Hades ordered.

  • 18Shooting at his neighbor - The Fox & The Hound suggested byMichael Ross
    He was lucky she vented all of her anger on his radiator. She could have easily had him arrested and jailed.

  • 19Gloating, then betraying the hyenas - The Lion King suggested byMichael Ross

  • 20Driving on the tracks - Oliver & Company suggested byMichael Ross
    Was there ever any doubt he was going to die by getting run over by a subway train?

  • 21Cutting the vines - Tarzan suggested byMichael Ross
    The vine around his neck was what kept him from going splat. He'd have died either way.

  • 22Relying on a mind-controlled minion. . . With a big head and little arms. - Meet the Robinsons suggested byMichael Ross

  • 23Inventing something that can kill toons (and, by extension, himself) - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? suggested byMichael Ross
    Think about that: The only thing that could kill him was something he invented.

  • 24Trying to get rid of the cats - The Aristocats suggested byMichael Ross

  • 25Sticking around to gloat - The Princess & The Frog suggested byMichael Ross

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