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Top 10 DC Heroes That Should Become Apart Of The CW Arrowverse

Mostly looking for characters that are not appearing in the movies or are allowed to be featured on TV despite the movies.
Also characters that should appear on Supergirl since it is now apart of the arrowverse but in a different universe.
DC characters that should appear on either legends of tomorrow, arrow, or the flash or just get their own show on the CW.
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    1John Henry Irons/Steel
    Could have him on Supergirl.
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  • 2Zatanna
    With magic existing in the verse they could use her.
  • 3The Question
  • 4Doctor Fate
    They had him on Smallville and his Helmut was on Constantine so they should use him.
  • 5Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Or have it turn out that he exists in the Supergirl universe or the arrow verse where the show arrow has used his villains.
    Personally think it should be the grown up version of the one on Gotham and just like Supergirl crossing over with the Flash have Barry travel to that show's universe.
  • 6Dick Grayson/Nightwing/Robin
  • 7Raven
  • 8Beast Boy
    Put him on Supergirl since they also have Miss Martian and have is origin just like on Young Justice.
  • 9John Constatine (Should officially get a new series on the cw)
    If they don't give him his show back they should at least get his plot wrapped up as a sub plot on one of the show's like legends or arrow.
    He made one appearance on Arrow but he should get his own show to wrap up the plot of his canceled show.
  • 10Aqualad
    Specifically the Young Justice version.
  • 11Batwoman
    She is getting her own show.
  • 12Bumblebee
  • 13Cyborg suggested byDigiboy
  • 14sgt.rock suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 15Adam Strange suggested byRuston BlackBatman Henry
  • 16Warlord suggested byhulkfan
    aka Travis Morgan, it would be awesome to see The Legends of Tomorrow travel to Skartaris
  • 17Geo Force suggested byDigiboy
  • 18Damage (Grant Emerson) suggested bymxcorp73
    Grant Emerson was among the list of people affected by the accelerator stated by Wells (E1 / Thawne).
  • 19Power Girl suggested byhulkfan
  • 20Kamandi suggested byhulkfan
    This character is perfect for Legends of Tomorrow, he lives in a post-apocalyptic future
  • 21enemy ace suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 22Shining Knight suggested byDigiboy
  • 23Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) suggested byhulkfan
  • 24Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) suggested byhulkfan
  • 25Congorilla suggested byhulkfan
  • 26Detective Chimp suggested byhulkfan
  • 27The Spectre suggested byhulkfan
  • 28Travis Morgan suggested byhulkfan
    Also known as Warlord and the main character from the Warlord comic book series
  • 29Dr. Fate
    Forgot I Already Posted It Ignore

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