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Top 10 Coming Out Scenes in Movies (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Coming Out Scenes in Movies

The most notable scenes in film where LGBTQA characters come out to other characters either directly by telling them with words or indirectly through actions, such as a character affirming their sexuality with a passionately unexpected kiss to their crush. Instances in movies where other characters ''out'' queer individuals in question do not quali
-fy and scenes where heterosexual characters discover and speculate queer characters' sexuality alone also don't count. These scenes are all about the queer film characters individually coming out themselves to others with courage and trust, regardless if the outcome was positive or negative.
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    1Simon Comes Out To His Parents - Love, Simon (2018)
    I had a very similar coming out experience with parents, with both struggling to grasp what was being said as well as being overwhelmingly loving and supporting. It was also a very cathartic moment when I watched this scene with my mom years later.

  • 2Mitch Comes Out To Courtney After Asking Him Out On a Date - ParaNorman (2012)
    I like how Courtney just assumed that whole time that he was straight, and Mitch was just so casual bringing up his boyfriend. Something to be said about assuming!

  • 3Brandon Comes Out To Olive - Easy A (2010)
    Easy A was the movie that made me realize I was gay. When Brandon and Olive pretended to have sex was iconic!!

  • 4Jared Comes Out To His Parents - Boys Erased (2018)

  • 5Simon Comes Out To His Good Friend Abby While They Were Both Alone In a Vehicle - Love, Simon (2018)
    the "coming out to someone in a car" is a common step in the process of coming out. I think many LGBTQ people, including myself, can say they came out to someone in a parked car.

  • 6Bram Reveals Himself To Be Blue At The Carnival - Love, Simon (2018)

  • 7Simon Comes Out Online To The Creekwood High School Community - Love, Simon (2018)
    Does this even count? Wasn't he outed by someone pretending to be him? I say that as if I haven't seen this movie 100 times and don't know that yes, he is in fact outed by Martin

  • 8Colonel Frank Fitts Indirectly Comes Out To His Neighbor Lester Burnham With a Shocking Kiss - American Beauty (1999)

  • 9Theodora Comes Out As Lesbian - The Haunting (1963)
    The film came out in 1963 back when being part of the LGBTQ community was looed down upon and people in the LGBTQ community were also harassed at this time among other things. Very brave of of screenwriter(s) to include this

  • 10Bobby Confides To Come Out To His Brother Ed After His Brother Caught Him Tempting Suicide - Prayers for Bobby (2009)

  • 11Freddie Comes Out To Mary - Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

  • 12Aaron Indirectly Comes Out To His Neighbor Christian With a Passionate Kiss - Latter Days (2003)

  • 13Mike Comes Out To Scott By Professing His Love For Him - My Own Private Idaho (1991)

  • 14Eric Comes Out To His Mother - Edge of Seventeen (1998)

  • 15Sam Comes Out To Her Father - Blockers (2018)

  • 16Simon Comes Out To His Best Friend Leah After She Confesses To Him That She Was In Love With Him - Love, Simon (2018)

  • 17Adam Comes Out To His Buddies - 4th Man Out (2015)

  • 18Ethan Comes Out To His Female Friends - Love, Simon (2018)

  • 19Alike Comes Out To Her Parents After Intervening In Their Fight - Pariah (2011)

  • 20Zack Comes Out To His Own Wife Claire About His Feelings For Other Men - Making Love (1982)

  • 21Roy Comes Out To His Wife Irma About His Transgender Plans To Transition Into a Woman Named Ruth - Normal (2003)

  • 22Jamie Indirectly Comes Out To His Crush Ste After Kissing Him For The First Time - Beautiful Thing (1996)

  • 23Kevin & Chiron Indirectly Come Out To Each Other At The Beach Through a Kiss - Moonlight (2016)

  • 24Jessica Comes Out To Her Mother - Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)

  • 25Matias & Jeronimo Indirectly Come Out To Each Other After Reconnecting As Adults and Exploring Their Long-Repressed Feelings For Each Other - Esteros (2016)

  • 26Zach holds his boyfriend Shaun%u2019s hand in front of his sister - Shelter (2007) suggested byCarlyn Leon

  • 27Jamie and Ste slow dance in front of their neighbors - Beautiful Thing (1996) suggested byCarlyn Leon

  • 28Zac Admittedly Comes Out To His Father In The Pouring Rain - C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)

  • 29Robbie Comes Out To Ghostface Begging for Mercy - Scream 4 (2011)

  • 30Matty Comes Out To His Friend Michael - Date and Switch (2014)

  • 31Robin Comes Out To Steve -Stranger Things (2019) suggested byMadelyn Richard
    It's about movies.

  • 32Justin leading Austin to the dance floor - Ugly Betty suggested bySwapnil SA
    This was the most beautiful coming out moment where words weren't needed. Just a romantic gesture.

  • 33Cat Comes Out To Her Mother Again In Order To Affirm Her Relationship and Sexuality - Out Again (2016)

  • 34Peter Comes Out To His Crush Howard - In & Out (1997)

  • 35Steven comes out to the entire school and half the town - Get Real (1998) suggested byErnesto Reyes

  • 36Isak Comes Out to His Best Friend Jonas - SKAM (2016) suggested byAmber Corbett
    the scene was handled very realistically, it follows the journey Isak takes with a lot of issues around his own internalised homophobia and navigating liking a boy for the first time. the coming out scene was written based on a real coming out experience and thus is handled delicately and with the sole interest of raising empathy and realistic repr

  • 37Leo Comes Out To His Father In Tears Because Fear of Disappointment - Leo's Room (2009)

  • 38Frank Indirectly Comes Out To His Wife Cathy By Confessing Having Trouble Understanding His Sexuality and Considering Conversion Therapy - Far from Heaven (2002)

  • 39Hal Comes Out To His Son Oliver - Beginners (2010)

  • 40Elton John comes out to his mother on the phone right before his huge concert in London - Rocketman (2019) suggested byThomas Moreel

  • 41Leo holds hand with Gabriel in public - The Way He Looks (2014) suggested byAndrew McGillivray

  • 42Marc's mother is confronted by her swishy son - Ugly Betty suggested bySwapnil SA

  • 43Violet Indirectly Comes Out To Corky By Flirting With Her After Caesar Leaves - Bound (1996)

  • 44Micky comes out in The Alibi - Shameless(20011) suggested byStine Light

  • 45Peter Indirectly Comes Out To His Father After Introducing Him To His Lover Nassim - Keillers Park (2006)

  • 46Tat Comes Out To His Father After Coming Out To His Mother - Right By Me (2005)

  • 47Wai-Tung Comes Out To His Mother - The Wedding Banquet (1993)

  • 48Augusten Comes Out Natalie - Running with Scissors (2006)

  • 49Bobby Prinze Comes Out To Cindy Campbell - Scary Movie (2000)

  • 50Justin leasing Austin to the dance floor - Ugly Betty suggested bySwapnil SA

  • 51David comes out as Virginia - Une Nouvelle Amie (2014) suggested byJavier Jímenez

  • 52Aladdin finds the Lamp suggested byHarrison Willmott
    Aladdin seemed like he was an average, poor boy. This scene shows that he is different. When he finds the lamp with the genie, all his dreams came true. This shows that he is very different to others

  • 53When Dave Karofsky kisses Kurt Hummel is glee suggested byxX gactawolfie Xx

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