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Top 10 Cliches Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Cliches Of MCU Movies And TV Shows
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    1Villain Has The Same Powers Or Technology As The Hero
    This one needs to stop ASAP
    Examples, Killmonger, Yellow Jacket, Whiplash,Winter Soldier
    Abomination, Iron Monger, Red Skull
  • 2Rushed Romantic Relationships
    I wouldn't say rushed...I would say forced!! Not every movie super hero needs romance!!
    Biggest Examples Are Jane and Thor, Bruce and Natasha, and Steve and Sharon Carter
  • 3Supporting Characters Disappear
    Specifically some of them are written out without an explanation or where they ended up
    Even in Infinity War They Had Several Characters That Didn't Appear Including Hawkeye, Valkyrie, and Antman
    Examples, Betty Ross, Samuel Stern, Abomination, Sif, Jane Foster and Others.
  • 4Tons of Easter Eggs suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Come on, you can't make a superhero movie without Easter Eggs. It is part of the fun. Even regular movies have Easter Eggs, look at Kubrick movies
  • 5Post Credit Scenes suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2
  • 6Climatic CGI FIght/Battles
    can't they just make a more grounded fight with pratical effects once in a while?
    The Fights Guilty Of This Are Killmonger Vs Black Panther, Most Fights With Iron Man,Thor, and Hulk, And The Avengers Battles
    Though When The Fights Are Practical, There Is CGI Destruction Happening Around The Fight.
  • 7Heroes Fighting Each Other Midway In The Film suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Even The Defenders Had The Heroes Fight Each Other
  • 8Lack Of Complex Villains suggested byStrider Xanthos
    They're doing better. I've been impressed with every MAIN villain of phase 3 so far. Side villains like aeisha need to improve tho.
    I don't think they're bad, they just kill them off too soon
    Lack of good villains*...Because some of them are copmplex but not very interesting.
  • 9Villains Being Killed Off....except for Loki suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Villains alive are Vulture, Abomination, Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo and The actor who was posing as the Mandarin.
  • 10Villains Part Of A Secret Organization
    Don't forget about Pride
    Hydra, The Hand, AIM
  • 11The Status Quo doesn't change much suggested byMr.Paçoca
    Looking at you Civil war and the letter!
  • 12Plot Has Hero Learn A Lesson
  • 13Minor Villain Gets Killed Off In Sequel
    Example Struker Who Appeared In The Post Credit Of Winter Soldier Gets Killed By Ultron In Age Of Ultron
  • 14Too Much Humor in Every Movie suggested bykalvin.goodlaxson
  • 15Hero Has Issues With Or About Their Parents
  • 16Heroes Constantly Lose Their Signature Weapons
    Captain America his shield, Thor's hammer, and Iron Man usually loses his arc reactor and his armors.
    Third Movie They Lose Them Permanently
  • 17Characters Introduced Out Of Nowhere
  • 18Combining different Villains into One Characters. suggested byBrennan Young
    Ivan Vanko, Aldrich Killian, Hela.
    They really need to stop doing that, it's annoying.
  • 19A Character From The Hero's Past Will Return
    Like Bucky And Elektra
  • 20The Villain Wants Revenge For Something Done In The Past
    Killmonger,Zemo, Bushmaster, Whiplash, Diamondback
  • 21Stingers suggested byStrider Xanthos
  • 22Stopping Villains From Using Infinity Stones
    Movies That Did This, Captain America The First Avenger, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avengers,Thor Dark World
    In most of the movies the villain almost destroys everything with one and Thanos will eventually get them all
  • 23Villain Is Related To The Hero
    Diamondback, Killmonger,Loki, Ego, Skye's Parents, Nebula, and Thanos are related to the heroes in some way.
    Loki,Thanos, and Nebula are related to the hero through adoption.
    You forgot to mention the Runaways and their parent in PRIDE
  • 24Most Of The Plot Is Used To Set Up Sequels Or, Crossovers,Or Other Heroes Getting Their Own Movie
  • 25Lack of Asian-Americans In The Main Cast suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Wrong When It Comes To The TV Shows That Have Asians Characters In The Main Cast On Agents Of Shield, Iron Fist, Runaways, Daredevil, and The Defenders
    That will chang with Shang-Chi
    There is very little diversity in the marvel movies. Yes we've had Black Panther and yes we had Captain Marvel providing a little more diversity in the universe and as the focus of the movies, (I include Captain Marvel because as of right now it is the only movie with a woman as the lead, and while in marvel movies the number of female heroines ha
  • 26Training Montages suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 27Female Characters Support The Male Characters
    Biggest Example Is Black Widow Who Is Only Ever In A Supporting Role To The Others
  • 28Out of place humor suggested byMasterOfComics
  • 29Villain Wants The Hero's Powers Or Position Of Power
    Loki And Killmonger Want The Throne And Villains Like Yellowjacket And Iron Monger Wanted The Heroe's Technology That Gives Them Powers.
  • 30The origins story suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 31Heroes go into "retirement" only to come back into duty in the next film without any explanation whatsoever. suggested byLyleVSXyle
    And argubly Tony Stark
    That only happened with Hawkeye
  • 32Anti-Heroes suffering depression with tragic backstories suggested byStrider Xanthos
  • 33The Non White Heroes Are Supporting Characters
    Basically besides Luke Cage, Black Panther, And Daisy, May, And Coleen Who Are Asian Leads Every Other Are Supporting Characters
    This changed with Black Panther, but non white heroes are usually the main hero's friend or partner.
  • 34Villains Who Live Usually Become Allies To The Heroes
    Out Of Them All The Rest Died, Zemo and Fisk Went To Prison Staying Villains
    Loki, Winter Soldier, and Nebula
  • 35The Movies Affect The TV Shows, But The TV Shows Never Affect The Movies
  • 36The Heroes Fight Each Other When They First Meet
  • 37Villain With Noble Goal But Questionable Tactics
  • 38Villains Who Want To Save the World Or City By Destroying It
    Thanos,Fisk, Ultron
  • 39The Government Is The Cause Of Some Of The Problems
    Also The Revelation That Hydra Infiltrated The Government
    Examples, Trying To Take Away Stark's Armor, The Sokovia Accords, Trying To Nuke The Aliens, and Hunting Down SHIELD.
  • 40Fights And Battles Result In Total Destruction Of Almost Everything Around
  • 41This character is still alive. suggested bySelim Bradley
  • 42Villain Who Is The Hero's Mentor Or Parental Figure
  • 43Villains Getting Killed Off In The Middle Of The Season
  • 44Characters Getting Into Arguments And Debates With Each Other
    Is The Whole Plot Of Civil War
  • 45Never Winning An Oscar suggested byStrider Xanthos
  • 46The movie begins with a flashback suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 47The main character always goes shirtless at least once, to show their abs suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 48Conflict On Whether Or Not To Kill The Villain Or Have Them Face Justice From The Justice System
  • 49Banter suggested byF Society
  • 50The characters constantly remove their helmets suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 51Star Wars references suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 52One Character Who Constantly Crosses Over
  • 53Actors being digitally de-aged suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 54The hero and the villain having the same powers suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 55Openings with a flashback suggested byRay MacElroy


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