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Top 10 Cartoon Shows We Wish Would Be Cancelled

Don't do this one please. Just don't. It's gonna piss too many people off. Do you know how toxic the majority of the TTG fanbase even is?
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    1Spongebob Squarepants
    I think it would be cancelled in 2030
    this is a great show
    it will not be cancelled
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  • 2The Powerpuff Girls (2016)
    Hello Daniel Lewis, they killed Miss Bellum!
    RobintheFrog, Miss Bellum quited her job she's not died.
    original was better
    They already canceled this show
  • 3The Simpsons
    be best
    show and music are fine
  • 4Family Guy
    cancel it for Meg!
    i stopped watching after they killed Brian and no amount of comedy could ever get me to watch it again after that.
    Even Seth McFarlane doesn't want new episodes!
    This series may be past its prime but it doesn't deserve to get the boot as much as The Simpsons does.
    the show is fine and music is fine
  • 5Ben 10 (2016)
    the Original Ben 10 was the best.
    The same reason why Omniverse is hated. It was made for dumb kids
    You guys are being nostalgic bitches. This show is actually really decent
    The show sucks.
    original was the best
  • 6South Park
    Agreed; only the hardcore fanboys refuse to acknowledge that it lost its mojo years ago...
    dude south park has gotten stupid
    it won a few Emmy awards in the past
    This show deserves to keep going. It's fresh and topical
  • 7Mr. Pickles
    Very disgusting for adults to enjoy and the ugliest animation since Angela Anaconda.
    I've always disliked squash and stretch cartoons and Mr. Pickles has proved why
    more bloodier and violent and more sex than any other cartoon i ever watched in my life
  • 8American Dad!
    no it has not it has good music
  • 9Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs: The Series suggested byTommy Lopez
    Josh Moore, Lilo and Stitch did pretty well with its three sequels and tv show, although i cant help but gagging everytime someone brings up the anime or the future live action movie. as i feel the story was pretty much wrapped up after Leroy and Stitch.
    the movies are better
    the first and second movie were awesome so why spoil it by repeating everything with a damn series i mean if that's the case bring back the original power rangers
  • 10Arthur
    sorry but i think it should stay
    Daniel Lewis, because it's a good show and people still watches it today
    they killed the title cards
  • 11Supernoobs suggested byRazorRex
  • 12Archer
    I agree, Daniel Lewis; I understand they wanted to diversify and experiment in their storylines but they've pretty much exhausted all possible avenues. Heck,, we should get one final season where Archer emerges from his coma, successfully reunites with Lana and their daughter and he and the gang track down and kills Veronica Deane, who was responsi
    i disagree
  • 13Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suggested byPaul Robinson
    it just looks stupid compared to previous versions of the franchise, personally TMNT 2003 is still my favorite version.
    never heard of it
  • 14Bob's Burgers suggested byzendaddy621
    This show was crap from day one...
    I love Bob's Burgers. It's calmly hilarious
  • 15ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 16Paradise PD suggested byRazorRex
    Bootleg Brickleberry
    never heard of it
  • 17Big Mouth suggested byAnonymous
    Very disgusting, very retarded, very unfunny, and very very obscene for my eyes.
  • 18Fairly Odd Parents suggested byJohnny Fountains
    no way
  • 19Avengers Assemble suggested bySonic the Hedgehog
    Avengers assemble sucksss
    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was the best animated incarnation of the best super hero team ever!
  • 20Neo Yokio suggested byTommy Lopez
    Isn't that an anime?
    Already over
    wait...ok this show has a stupid name
  • 21Spider-man suggested bymelissaclark280192@y
    which version of Spider-Man?
    Do you mean the current one? I agree, but Ultimate Spider-Man was just as awful.
    Ultimate Spider-Man might not have been the best Spider-Man cartoon series, but it's more preferable than the current one airing (one reason being the villain portrayals).
  • 22REAL LIFE suggested byburpfart
  • 23The Boss Baby: Back In Business suggested byMacchris
    It's really stupid and doesn't connect with the movie.
  • 24Robot Chicken (2005-Present) suggested bySamantha Cazares
    I can't believe it also put adult things to kids shows as parody.
  • 25Total Dramarama suggested byA.wilson1800
    Good show just needs a dtfferent cast
  • 26Amazing world of gumball suggested byNero Burn
  • 27Peppa Pig suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez


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