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Top 10 Cartoon Parents Who Deserve To Reunite With Their Children

All parents deserve to see their children, For this list we will see all the cartoon Fathers and Mothers who lost their children so that they can have the opportunity to meet them again
If Penn Zero, Turanga Leela, and Arnold Shortman were able to get their parents back, we'd like the other characters to be able to do the same, so they can have that magical moment of seeing their parents again.
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    1Bright Mac & Buttercup/Pear Butter - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    Well we hope that in an episode of My Little Pony: Pony Life or in a special with the animation of My Little Pony The movie, we would like Applejack, Applebloom and Big Mac to be able to see their parents again so that they can go back to be together forever
    But we started to ask what happened to Bright Mac and Buttercup, Many of the MLP fans think they have died, but actually they were with them in The Great Seedling episode in an Applejack Flashback and we have a hunch that they are Still Alive
    Since The Pear Perfect episode premiered, we have known the great love story between Applejack's parents named Bright Mac and Buttercup, as they fall in love for the first time even though their parents hate each other, even though their love paid off was based on Romeo and Juliet and at the end of the episode Bright Mac and Buttercup married
    Although the series was canceled in 2019, we would like another special to appear with the animation of My Little Pony The movie, where applejack and his brothers can find a way to have their parents back home
  • 2Courage's Parents - Courage the Cowardly Dog
    Well, when the Covid-19 situation ends, We would like the [Courage The Cowardly Dog] movie to appear so that Courage and Muriel can embark on a space adventure, to rescue their parents and the rest of the dogs that are trapped in that planet
    At first Courage I thought that his parents had died, but in reality they are alive on that distant planet along with all the dogs that the vet had sent, and since they were very angry they decide to give him a pliza, for having thrown them and the other dogs to that habitable planet
    And when courage manages to defeat the vet, to save Muriel & Eustace from being thrown to that distant planet as happened to their parents, courage decides to remember the moment when Muriel adopted courage and decided to take him to live in her house, and that was the happiest moment that courage had in life
    But those happy moments are interrupted when courage gets stuck in a fence, and his parents decide to take him to the vet for help, at first Courage thought that the vet was kind, but discovered that he had his parents kidnapped, and takes them on a rocket to a distant planet, leaving courage crying and saying goodbye to her parents
    Like Zack & Sunny, Courage's parents are also trapped in the same Situation, in the episode (Remembrance of Courage Past) we discover a flashback that represents the story of Courage and his parents when he was a puppy, Courage was happy when he spent time with his parents and they always took care of him and played with him when courage was sad
  • 3Sprig and Polly's Parents - Amphibia
  • 4Yuri - We Bare Bears
  • 5Zack & Sunny - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  • 6Sam's Mom - Green Eggs with Ham suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
  • 7Queen Aleena - Sonic Underground suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 8Ursa - Avatar: The Last Airbender suggested byThomas Bates

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