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Top 10 Best Star Trek: The Original Series Moments

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    1Edith Keeler's death- The City on the Edge of Forever (S1E28)

  • 2Kirk vs. Gorn- Arena (S1E19)

  • 3Mirror Universe- Mirror, Mirror (S2E4)

  • 4Kirk Kisses Uhura- Plato's Stepchildren (S3E10)

  • 5Kirk buried in Tribbles- The Trouble with Tribbles (S2E15)

  • 6Sulu the Swashbuckler- The Naked Time (S1E4)

  • 7I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!- The Enemy Within (S1E5)

  • 8Kirk vs. Spock- Amok Time (S2E1)

  • 9McCoy finally gets the last word- Journey to Babel (S2E10)

  • 10Spock's last name is too hard to pronounce- This Side of Paradise (S1E24)

  • 11Enterprise vs. Romluan Commander- Balance of Terror (S1E14)

  • 12Kirk and Spock's dance- Plato's Stepchildren (S3E10)

  • 13Prelude to Q- The Squire of Gothos (S1E17)

  • 14Jim!- Amok Time (S2E1)

  • 15History Repeating- The Menagerie (S1E11&12)

  • 16As Simple as Black and White- Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (S3E15)

  • 17Pain!- The Devil in the Dark (S1E25)

  • 18Kirk vs. Khan- Space Seed (S1E22)

  • 19We are the stronger- Errand of Mercy (S1E26)

  • 20Scotty in Jefferies Tube- The Naked Time (S1E4)

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