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Top 10 Anime Characters That Are Dark Skinned

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    1Bakugan-Julia Makimoto
    Julia is the first female Subterra Brawler and despite being partly Japanese, there is no denying she and Golem are amazing Brawlers. Even when she stops Battling, she continues to be an asset.
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  • 2Brock-Pokemon
    No one is sure what race Brock is. Does it matter? Nope! That 's why there was so much Backlash when Brock left, twice. Sure Cilan and Clemont are cool, but Brock will always be the franchises number 1.
  • 3Iris-Pokemon B&W
    Unlike the girls that came before her with the exception of Misty, Iris came into BW with one goal. To be the best Dragon Master. Her Axew has been regarded to have potential according to Cynthia, her Exacdrill is awesome, Emolga won her a tournament, and everything Dragonite.
  • 4Yourichi-Bleach
    Think about it, captain of Squad 2, the stealth unit, who she beat, the only person to actually give Aizen a challenge, a ssexy mentor to Ichigo who can also turn into a cat, and this was done all without a sword. Have we mentioned in the manga, her Shunko nearly took out one of Ywach 's Elite Group
  • 5Killer Bee-Naruto
    Killer Bee is a Jinjuuriki (probably spelled that wrong) just like Naruto, except he works well with his Tailed Beast, can rap, fights with 7 swords, has lightning pencils, and hardly ever lost a fight. Plus he trounced SASUKE! What 's not to love?
  • 6Joco-Shaman King
    His comedy also turned alot of former enemies into allies.
    Gives up his sight to atone for his sins, which has the side effect of highly enhancing his spiritual energy, to the point of turning him into the strongest shaman of the group by the later portion of the manga
    Though his development isn't as significant in the anime, he is the funniest member of the main cast, has a cool fighting style, plus his spirti partner will always be there for him. And most of his jokes are pretty funny in both the dub and the sub.
    He used to be a gang member in New York who killed mercilessly, until he met his master and reformed his life. But even after changing for good, he learns that his past will still haunt him, since one of the people he killed was the father of two kids who were trying to get revenge on him
  • 7Inazuma Eleven- Tsunami
    Then he joined Inazuma Japan in season three. Despite being a defender, he 's scored goals against Australia and America's team with his special moves Tsunami Boost, The Typhoon, and The Tube.
    He joined them in their game, stating that he believed soccer was easier then surfing, which Touko took insultingly. He then learned quickly how to play soccer and he released a powerful shot in his first meeting with Endou, called Tsunami Boost beating Endou's makeshift Seigi no Tekken.
    He is very energetic, optimistic and supportive of his teammates. He loves the sea, calling himself a man of the ocean. Being the oldest, he is the big brother fiure on the team. He is also very laid back and doesn't mind if his juniors treat him weirdly.
  • 8Ryuu-Danball Senki
    Sigh, if only he was a good battler. That being said, Ryu 's comedy is hilarious.
  • 9Sailor Pluto-Sailor Moon
  • 10Agil-Sword Art Online
    People like him more than they do Kirito.
  • 11Nemisis-To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd suggested byAnonymous

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