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Top 10 Anime

also part of: Top 10 Anime Series
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    1Death Note suggested byCraig Williams

  • 2Full Metal Alchemist suggested byviliguns

  • 3One Piece suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 4Dragon Ball Z suggested byJustin Kennon
    DBZ sucks

  • 5Naruto suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 6Hunter X Hunter (2011)

  • 7Bleach suggested byWilliam Hernandez

  • 8Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • 9Attack on Titan

  • 10Code Geass

  • 11Cowboy Bebop suggested byviliguns

  • 12Steins;Gate

  • 13Soul Eater suggested byviliguns

  • 14Fairy Tail suggested bySebastian J. Smith
    I don't think it is a jump

  • 15Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • 16Samurai Champloo

  • 17Fate/Zero
    magi series
    Have anyone that voted on this list even seen this series? I mean, that fucking animation, story and then the characters. damn feels leave you crying out.

  • 18Yuyuhakusho suggested byviliguns

  • 19InuYasha suggested byMovietvnerdgirl345

  • 20Angel Beats!

  • 21Hellsing suggested byブラゲ レイエン

  • 22Sailor Moon suggested byviliguns

  • 23cardcaptor suggested byJloves-pp

  • 24Elfen Lied suggested byブラゲ レイエン

  • 25Yu Yu Hakusho

  • 26The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya suggested byrstephen

  • 27Durarara!!

  • 28Magi suggested byLuke Mammone

  • 29Blue exorcist suggested bySarah Schow

  • 30Eureka 7 suggested byGordon Smith

  • 31Clannad suggested byブラゲ レイエン

  • 32Sword Art Online suggested byLegacys

  • 33Corpse Party suggested bydog8biscuits

  • 34Noragami suggested byPKMNtepig

  • 35Gintama suggested byDana Al Sibai

  • 36Pokemon suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 37Highschool of the Dead suggested bySebastian J. Smith

  • 38Great Teacher Onizuka

  • 39Vampire Knight suggested byPunk-Ghoul

  • 40Another suggested byLuke Mammone

  • 41Tokyo Ghoul suggested bydog8biscuits

  • 42Ergo Proxy suggested byValaree Sparks

  • 43Baccano

  • 44Darker than Black

  • 45Trigun suggested byRhutsczar44

  • 46Psycho pass

  • 47Black Butler suggested byPunk-Ghoul

  • 48Black Lagoon suggested byブラゲ レイエン

  • 49Monster

  • 50Spice and Wolf

  • 51Infinite Stratos

  • 52Rurouni Kenshin suggested byDiana TaeRin Sun

  • 53Katekyo Hitman Reborn suggested byブラゲ レイエン

  • 54Case Closed suggested byviliguns

  • 55Yu-Gi-Oh! suggested byJacob French

  • 56Gash/zatch Bell suggested byChristopher Maverick Lawson

  • 57Tenchi Muyo suggested byviliguns

  • 58Outlaw Star suggested byNichelle Phoenix Perez

  • 59Legend of the Galactic Heroes

  • 60Kino's Journey

  • 61Digimon suggested byDaniel John

  • 62Slam Dunk suggested byMalcolm Lim

  • 63Bakuman.

  • 64Kaze No Stigma suggested byRhutsczar44

  • 65Guilty crown

  • 66Shadow Star suggested byijustdothisforthebu

  • 67Beck

  • 68Tenjho Tenge suggested bySebastian J. Smith

  • 69The Blackbook suggested byviliguns

  • 70Beyblade suggested byDaniel John

Top 10 Anime

also part of: Top 10 Anime Series
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    1dragonball z

  • 2one piece

  • 3Ghost in the Shell suggested byDarknevoir

  • 4cardcaptor suggested byJloves-pp

  • 5yuyu hakusho suggested byviliguns

  • 6fariy tale

  • 7death note

  • 8full metal alchemist suggested byviliguns

  • 9cowboy bebop suggested byGabriel Domingo

  • 10tenchi muyo suggested byviliguns

  • 11Sailor Moon suggested byJ.TOhMyGod!!!

  • 12naruto

  • 13Bleach suggested bythenightwing82

  • 14The Slayers suggested byrstephen

  • 15initial d

  • 16zatch and bell suggested byviliguns

  • 17digimon suggested byviliguns

  • 18Redline suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 19Yu-gi-oh suggested bySonicParty321

  • 20pokemon suggested byviliguns

  • 21case closed suggested byviliguns

Top 10 anime

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    1RWBY suggested byJake Fraser


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