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Top 10 Amazing Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened

Positive, NOT creepy
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    1Violet Jessop Survives Three Ship Sinkings
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  • 2Anne Parish's Childhood Book
  • 3John Wilkes Booth's Brother Saves Abraham Lincoln's Son
  • 4Laura Buxton's Balloon
  • 5L Frank Baum's Coat Was In The Wizard Of Oz
  • 6Sign Painter Indirectly Confirmed As Shop Thief By Newspaper
  • 7Bill Morgan's Lucky Streak
  • 8Engaged Couple Were in Disneyland Together As Infants
  • 9Nebraskan Church Explodes, Everyone Survives By Being Late
    The Separated Triplets Reuniting
  • 10The Separated Triplets Reuniting
  • 11Anthony Hopkins' Finds An Author's Book He Was Adapting
  • 12Franz Ferdinand's Car License Plate Is The Armistice Date
  • 13The Golden Matchbox
  • 14Handel & Hendrix Were Neighbors
  • 15Michael Dick's lost daughter stands in the background of his photograph.
  • 16Boy who took a photo in an army helicopter grows up to fly that same helicopter (
  • 17Two men find each other's possessions in separate hotel rooms
  • 18The two George D. Brysons of Room 307
  • 19Wilmer McLean's Civil War Houses
  • 20Shakespeare and Psalm 46
  • 21Unfortunately Named Plane
  • 22The German Mother's Merging Children
  • 23James Allan & James Alan's Parallel Lives
  • 24Norman Mailer's Spy Next Door
  • 25Man Survives Hiroshima AND Nagasaki Bombings
  • 26Joseph Figlock Catches a Falling Baby. Twice.
  • 27Ziegland's Bullet
  • 28Christmas Car Crash
  • 29Richie Ashburn's Two Foul Balls
  • 30Mark Twain Born and Died With Halley's Comet
  • 31Two Twins Die Of Heart Attacks Simultaneously
  • 32Twins Killed By The Same Taxi On The Same Moped
  • 33Xu Weifang Saves Two Generations From Drowning
  • 34The sun and the moon are the same size in the sky, allowing for solar eclipses.
  • 35Bingham, Powell, & Bingham-Powell
  • 36Romulus, Augustus & Romulus Augustus
  • 37The Two Patricia Ann Campbells
  • 38The Message In A Bottle Record

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