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Top 10 Similarities Between The DC Extended Universe And The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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    1Billionaire With Access To Advanced Technology
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  • 2Character Named Steve Played By An Actor Named Chris Fighting In A World War
    Wonder Woman and Cap. America
  • 3Movie Featuring The Heroes Fighting Each Other
    Batman V Superman and Civil War
  • 4Both Teams Have/Had A Speedster
  • 5Both have Laurence Fishburne suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 6Hero With A Shield That Fought In A World War
  • 7Criminals Teaming Up To Form Their Own Superhero Team
    Guardians Of The Galaxy and Suicide Squad
  • 8Movies End With A Climatic CGI Battle
  • 9Villain That Manipulated The Heroes To Fight Each Other
  • 10Heroes First Team Up To Fight Aliens
  • 11Billionaire Hero Lost Both Of Their Parents
  • 12Heroes That Crack Jokes During Battles
  • 13Joss Whedon suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 14One Hero Is A King
  • 15Both Steves Sacrificed Themselves With An Airplane
  • 16Gods Exist And One Hero Is One
  • 17A Movie Where The Hero Or Heroes Die At The End
  • 18Zachary Levi suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 19Both hired Danny Elfman suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 20Heroes Had To Deal With The Consequences Of Their Superhero Battles
  • 21Most Of The Heroes Powers Are Super Strength And Skills In Martial Arts
  • 22Trying To Stop An Alien Invader From Getting A Cube Shaped Device That Can Destroy The World
  • 23Both Heroes That Are Gods Had To Fight Their Brother As Their First Villain
  • 24Flash is like Spiderman, but with the mind of a retarded kid suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 25Teasing That A Powerful Alien Overlord Will Be The Villain In A Future Sequel
  • 26After Credit Scenes
  • 27Characters That Are All CGI
  • 28Suicide Squad is a Guardians of the Galaxy rip-off suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 29Both have someone named Martha suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 30Secret kingdom with advanced technology suggested bycalvinator2012
  • 31Laurence Fishburne suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 32Wonder Woman is a combination of Thor and Captain America suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 33Both have a muscular bearded hero that looks like a surfer suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 34Both fired the directors suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 35Inconsistent Tone suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 36Flash and Spiderman suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 37Both became a parody of themselves suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 38Magical weapon that can only the chosen one can wield suggested bycalvinator2012
    Thor's Mjolnir and Aquaman's Trident of Atlan


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