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Top 10 Power Rangers Villians from every Power Ranger series

Rita Repulsa should be excludet cause she turned good.
Series which haven't ended yet are excludet.
EVERY villian turned good is EXCLUDED.
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    1Ransik (Power Rangers Time Force)

  • 2Dai Shi (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

  • 3lord zedd (mighty morphin power rangers) suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
    Ransilk turned good you have not said anything about him
    That's stupid!
    Excluded. He turned good.

  • 4Emperor Gruumm (Power Rangers S.P.D)

  • 5Lothor (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)

  • 6Mesogog (Power Rangers Dino Thunder) suggested byErin Hein

  • 7Venjix Computervirus (Power Rangers R.P.M)
    Venjix already won when the series began. He already destroyed humanity, with only the city of Corinth left standing. He is the only villian to have successfully taken over the Earth.
    I took only the main villians. But you're right. Vrak has to be on this list.
    Should Be Vrak From Super Megaforce!!!!!!!!! not Megaforce!

  • 8goldar (mighty morphin power rangers)

  • 9Master Xandred (Power Rangers Samurai)
    I Agree

  • 10Queen Bansheera (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

  • 11King Mondo (Power Rangers Zeo)

  • 12Vrak (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

  • 13Psycho Rangers - Power Rangers In Space suggested byDaveVsTheWorld

  • 14Master (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
    He should be at top rank

  • 15Sledge - Power Rangers Dino Charge suggested byPaul Robinson
    Now that Dino Charge has ended, and Supercharge is considered the next season, we should be able to include him.

  • 16Master Org (Power Rangers Wild Force)
    Should Be Ransik From Time Force

  • 17Astronema - Power Rangers in Space suggested byBennieG1986

  • 18Emperor Marvo (Power Rangers Megaforce)
    He's only #10 cause he's the weakest PR Villian (probably of all time). It only took 2 Rangers to take him down.

  • 19Ivan Ooze - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the movie suggested byDirector22

  • 20Flurious - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive suggested byStephen Hertz

  • 21Eclipter- Power Rangers in Space suggested byJosh Sinclair

  • 22King Mondo - Power Rangers Zeo suggested byDirector22

  • 23Trakeena - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy suggested byDaveVsTheWorld

  • 24Darkonda - Power Rangers in Space suggested byBennieG1986

  • 25Vrak- Power Rangers Megaforce suggested byJosh Sinclair

  • 26rita repulsa (mighty morphin power rangers) suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
    I said, she is excluded
    By your logic, that means Zedd, Divatox, and Astronema shouldn't be on here either because they became good as well

  • 27Dark Specter - Power Rangers in Space suggested byBennieG1986

  • 28Dai shi suggested byLeonardo Lim

  • 29Deker- Power Rangers Samurai suggested byJosh Sinclair
    That guy is really annoying in my opinion.

  • 30Frax- Power Rangers Time Force suggested byCraps Malloy

  • 31Deviot- Power Rangers Lost Galaxy suggested byCraps Malloy

  • 32Divatox - Power Rangers Turbo suggested byStephen Hertz

  • 33Prince Vekar- Power Rangers Super Megaforce suggested byJosh Sinclair

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