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Top 10 American Dad! Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

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    1The entire American Fung episode- American Fung
    Universally hated and has the lowest score on IMDb. Criticisms were that the episodes included Fung wah for no reason, lame and repetitive jokes, and there was no actual plot

  • 2Roger shoots and abducts Hayley - Love AD Style
    And not to mention perform Live surgery on her!

  • 3Stan pretends to be Hayleys boyfriend - Pulling Double Booty
    Very disgusting and had heavy incest themes. The whole episode was very uncomfortable as Hayley dates a guy who looks just like her father and when the double cheats on Hayley, Stan tries to cover it up by pretending to be the boyfriend

  • 4Stan gives a horse full release - Dont Look A Smith Horse In The Mouth
    This scene got the show in trouble and caused an indencency complaint to be filed. The network had to pay a 25,000 dollar fine for this

  • 5Roger reveals that he has to be bad or die - Frannie 911
    The episode this took place in subjected Roger to complete character mutilation. This revelation basically stripped Roger of all his redeeming qualities just for the sake of maintaining status quo

  • 6Klaus And Roger hook up - Kloger
    Many fans felt that the relationship between Roger and Klaus in this episode was shoehorned and the sex scenes were explicit and disgusting

  • 7Stan kidnaps his mothers boyfriends - Oedipal Panties
    Stan was revealed to be a very creepy character with feelings for his mom that was borderline incest. He abducted all the men his mom dated for over 30 years and that is a very evil thing he did and very disturbing

  • 8The Smiths scare Roger straight - Death By Dinner Party
    That episode was very disappointing. It advertised a serial killer tormenting the family but it actually showed the family punishing Roger for pulling a couple of minor and harmless pranks. The real killer also did not show up until the end of the episode

  • 9Roger gives birth to Jeff - Rogers Baby
    The plot of that episode was very stupid and only served to unnecessarily prolong a seasons long arc

  • 10Steve runs off to a tropical island after being turned into a pariah - Bazooka Steve
    That episode was basically the show's version of the boys of bummer. Steve gets made a pariah cause he convinced a football player to not play due to life threatening injuries and he gets hated by everyone including his family. Even worse is that the episode portrays him in the wrong
    Case in point, this episode was very mean spirited

  • 11Greg And Terry split up - Anchorfran
    This happened because Terrys voice actor left the show and the creators had to deal with how to remove the character. However the reason to why Terry leaves Greg is lame and forgettable and did not do the popular characters justice

  • 12Hayley burns Stans CIA calendar - The Devil Wears A Lapel Pin Make Your Case
  • 13The live action Cee Lo Green cameos and musical numbers - Hot Water Make Your Case

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