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Top 10 Darkest Harry Potter Moments (suggested 3 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Darkest Moments In Harry Potter

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    1sirius' DEATH suggested bycapsricious79

  • 2Severus kills Dumbledore suggested byRyan Lemenager

  • 3Cedric Diggorys Death suggested byStacey Gibson

  • 4Voldemort Murders Harry Potter's Parents suggested byValaree Sparks

  • 5Bellatrix carves into Hermiones arm suggested byJungShookish

  • 6Voldemort's Ressurection suggested byRevanReborn96
    I had read the book before I watched this film at the theater. I was 13 and I was soooo bloody scared cause I knew what was going to happen and it upset me and made me feel ubeasy cause I didn't know what to expect from that scene.

  • 7The Dementor's Kiss suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 8The Drink of Despair suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 9Voldemort Possesses Harry suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 10Snapes Death suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 11Peter Pettigrew Strangles himself (Book Only) suggested byRevanReborn96
    Sad they changed it in the movies

  • 12Dolores tortures Harry in Detention suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 13The Fate of Neville's Parents suggested byRevanReborn96
    His parents were tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, they barely even recognize Neville

  • 14Bellatrix kills Dobby suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 15The encounter with Nagini in Godric's Hollow suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 16Harry Uses the Crucio curse on the Death Eaters - Deathly Hallows (Book Only) suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 17The Death of Fred, Lupin, and Tonks suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 18Harry uses the Secusemptra spell on Draco suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 19Harry witnessing Nagini attacking Arthur suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 20Hermoine wipes her parents memories suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 21Fenrir Greyback going after children suggested byRevanReborn96
    He was the one who infected Lupin with Lycanthropy when he was just a child

  • 22Tom Riddle tries to kill Harry Potter in the chamber of secerts by summoning the Bansik suggested byAnonymous

  • 23Quirrel's Death suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 24Bellatrix tourtes Hermonie suggested byAnonymous

  • 25Voldermort kills Cerdic and tries to kill Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire suggested byAnonymous

  • 26Bellatrix kills Siruis Black suggested byAnonymous

  • 27The Fate of Harry Potter's Parents suggested byAnonymous

  • 28Death Eater attack on the Quidditch World Cup suggested byRevanReborn96

  • 29Umbridge interrogating the muggle borns suggested byRevanReborn96

Top 10 Darkest Moments from the Harry Potter Franchise

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  • 2Bellatrix tortures Hermione

  • 3The Horcrux Cave

  • 4The Fate of Neville's Parents

  • 5The Graveyard Scene

  • 6Detention with Umbridge

  • 7Nagini coming out of Bathilda

  • 8Harry Watching Arthur Getting Attacked

  • 9Harry curses Draco with Sectumsempra suggested byMehria Nouri

Top 10 Darkest Harry Potter Moments

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    1Bellatrix Torturing Hermoine suggested byJedimperial96

  • 2Voldemort's Resurrection suggested byJedimperial96

  • 3Death Eaters in the World Cup suggested byJedimperial96

  • 4The Drink Of Despair suggested byJedimperial96

  • 5Neville's Parents Being Tortured suggested byJedimperial96

  • 6Dementors in the Train suggested byJedimperial96

  • 7Katie Bell Touching the Locket suggested byJedimperial96

  • 8Fenrir Greyback suggested byJedimperial96

  • 9Wormtail Strangles Himself suggested byJedimperial96

  • 10Ginny Becomes Possessed suggested byJedimperial96

  • 11Detention with Umbridge suggested byJedimperial96

  • 12Harry Using the Cruciatus Curse on Amycus Carrow suggested byJedimperial96

  • 13The Dementors Kiss suggested byJedimperial96

  • 14Nagini Coming Out of Bathilda suggested byJedimperial96

  • 15Snape's Death suggested byJedimperial96

  • 16The man with 2 faces suggested byJedimperial96

  • 17Nagini Attacking Arthure Weasley suggested byJedimperial96

  • 18Voldemort's Death suggested byJedimperial96

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