Entrepreneurship is living a few years like no one wants to, to be able to live the rest of your life like no one can. Is everyone an entrepreneur? No. We no longer work at one company our whole lives and thus have to be entrepreneurial. Yet there’s no real playbook for entrepreneurs. Some live to work, others work to live. Regardless, work is a means to an end: to live a more fulfilling life that meets what truly drives individuals to risk it all.

Context is about recognizing that success is subjective, fluid and relative. Living your life as an entrepreneur through other people’s definition and framework for success only gets you further away from the end goal: which is to be in control of your destiny, even though we never fully are. entrepreneurship is a paradox.

We'll be offering tips and sharing lessons on success and failure, risk and reward, greed and fear to arm entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs & executives who need to be entrepreneurial with a roadmap and blueprint to succeed.

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Throughout his 20s and 30s, Ash published three books as part of a long-term plan to develop a business in scripted programming. In typical entrepreneurial fashion, Ash established Granicus Publishing in 2003 to house his books.

Sales: 5000 copies in 2003 Ash wrote his first book, Course to Success: Everything You Need To Succeed Beyond School, in a month on weekends and evenings, expanding on the themes and topics that he covered within his successful Young Professional column at AskMen.
"Very informative. I've always been an avid viewer of anything WatchMojo, and this book is perfect for those wanting to look into starting something up of their own, such as a business or a YouTube channel. It was especially interesting getting insight into how WatchMojo was founded. Recommended not just for business enthusiasts, but anyone that enjoys success stories, because this definitely is one!"

"An inspiring look into the rise of a YouTube sensation. For me, it was the perfect mix of personal details, company specifics, and general entrepreneurial principles. Ash tells his story of playing the long game, believing that his high-quality content would prevail. It has! Love WatchMojo and loved the book!"

Sales: 5000 copies in 2005 In 2005, Ash explored his fascination with successful historical figures in his second book, written in a week, during evenings: The Confessions of Alexander the Great: 33 Lessons in Greatness retelling history through the eyes of Alexander.
"If you read this book and listen to what the words are telling you, instead of just reading them, to anyone who values Alexander, it sems like he was guiding the authors' hand with every word he wrote. But I read that last page when I wake up in the morining, a few times during the day, and right before I go to bed. I don't know why, it just seems to reach out and grab me and pull me into Alexander's world and make me want to know more. Anyone who loves Alexander and his stories and legends should deffinately buy this book or find anyway to read it. I read it and finished it the same day it was delivered to my house along with two other Alexander books (which i haven't finished yet, but will soon) and they don't hold a torch to this one. I HIGHLY recomend this book to everyone! If you can't buy it, borrow it, but keep your hands off of my copy!"

Sales: 1000 copies in 2016 As WatchMojo celebrated its 10-year anniversary, Ash began planning the next ten years of the company’s history, with scripted programming playing an integral role. Ash penned his third book under WatchMojo’s eponymous publishing arm: The 10-Year Overnight Success: An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto: How WatchMojo Built The Most Successful Media Brand On YouTube on his 3-week vacation to Greece in the summer of 2016. The book was not only to serve as a recap of the company’s first ten years, but also as source material for a fictionalized film adaptation in the vein of The Founder, Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, and The Social Network.
"The book uses real-life examples to illustrate the varying exemplary scenarios. They ultimately communicate the necessity for balance and out-of-box thinking. Interesting parallels made between the business world and otherwise, include sports and entertainment success stories, worldly philosophies and scientific analogies. Plato, the Ying yang and Freud all relate back to the business world. When placed in such a timeless, worldly context, the field of business can suddenly be seen as more grounded, profound and clear."

prolific columnist

Ashkan has written numerous articles, some of which have been published on:

Highlights include:
The Young Professional column
Over a 5-year span, Ash penned 1000 columns on topics including business, management, and motivation. Ash has written hundreds of articles on relationships, entertainment, and pop culture under various pen names. Ash’s articles have been read over 100 million times across a 5-year span on AskMen and key syndication partners MSN and AOL.

Video Insider
From 2010 to 2015, Ash published a weekly column on strategy, financing and M&A in new media and online video industries. During that time, he was a speaker, moderator and panelist at NATPE, Digital Hollywood, OMMA and other conferences.

The World of Startups
From 2009 to 2012, Ash covered the world of startups, entrepreneurships, financing, strategy & competition.

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