WatchMojo Community: The Fellowship
WatchMojo Community: The Fellowship


These people are "addicted" to WatchMojo, they watch it everyday and they spend a lot of time our comment sections open. Duties involve moderating the comments section, adding links to videos and suggest pages. Think of the position as a kind of "content guide." They may already be active commenters or have not commented at all, but they need to be at home in the comment section of youtube videos and know how to talk in a natural way with other youtube users. That is their essential skill, followed closely by a dedication to not feeding trolls, being steadfastly opposed to any kind of spam (including over over-posting links themselves) and a respect for peoples; right to not be bothered on the internet.


To be considered for the Insider position one must be opinionated and passionate but most importantly genuine fans of WatchMojo content. In our efforts to produce Top10 videos on every possible topic imaginable we often go outside the comfort zones of the core WatchMojo Team at WatchMojo HQ. However, we have developed sophisticated internal research protocols that allow us to produce lists on topics that we are not intimately familiar with. Thus, our Insiders team serve as a second pair of eyes, those that weigh in on our lists, after we have conducted the initial research phase and provide feedback before we publish them. Must be intimately familiar with some niche sector of pop culture, more specific than just "movies" or "video games."


This position is more research oriented. They help create our lists, just just offer feedback. Eventually the tasks involved would include researching topics, fact-checking and proof-reading scripts, supporting writers and video editors' needs. However, in the beginning tasks will be remotely based and involve the creation of lists in our suggest tool, emailing us with top 10 list ideas, possibly with entries already ranked; a more or less objective top 10 which we then consider and evaluate. Ideally would have previous experience conducting internet based research in a post-secondary academic or professional environment.


Love WatchMojo? Are you fluent or semi-fluent in English and another language? Well then we might have a special position for you here under the Fellowship umbrella. Our video content is currently in demand by a number of people and organizations whose primary language is not English, they are, of course, very interested in having subtitles added. Due to the large volume of content we have, WatchMojo is assembling a crowdsourcing platform so that the WatchMojo community at large can help to make our videos more accessible to non-English audiences. If you'd like to be part of this exciting project please complete the appropriate form to the right.

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