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November 7

Nov 7
N7 DayN7 is the insignia used in the Video Game Trilogy Mass Effect as part of the most elite squad program. Critics of Mass Effect argue its lore rival's that of Star Wars.Top 10 Mass Effect Teammates

Birthday of Leon TrotskyBirthday of Leon Trotsky (1879)Top 10 Influential Communist Leaders

Start of the Russian Civil WarStart of the Russian Civil War (1917).Top 10 Bloodiest Wars of the Last Century

Death of Eleanor RooseveltDeath of Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.Top 10 Influential First Ladies of the United States

Birthday of Sandra 'Pepa' Denton of Salt-n-PepaBirthday of Sandra 'Pepa' Denton of the rap trio Salt-n-PepaTop 10 Rap Groups and Crews

Birthday of David GuettaFrench house music producer and DJ David Guetta is born (1967)David Guetta Biography: Life and Career of the DJ and Producer
Top 10 Superstar EDM DJs and Producers of All Time

Release of Whole Lotta Love by Led ZeppelinRelease of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin (1969)Top 10 Guitar Riffs of the All Time
Top 10 Rip-off Songs

Death of Steve McQueen.Steve McQueen dies (1980). He starred in the movies The Great Escape and Papillon.Top 10 Prison Escape Films

Release: Diary of a Madman is releasedDiary of a Madman is released (1981).Top 10 Ozzy Osbourne Songs

Release: Sid and NancySid and Nancy, a film about the life of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious (1986)Top 10 Music Biopic Performances

Magic Johnson announces that he is infected with HIVMagic Johnson announces that he is infected with HIV and retires from the NBA (1991)AIDS: 30 Years of a Deadly Disease

Release: Release of Starship TroopersRelease of Starship Troopers (1997)Top 10 Movie Shower Scenes

Release: ElfThe film Elf is released (2003)Top 10 Comedy Movie Clichés
Top 10 Classic Christmas Movies
Top 10 Hilarious Will Ferrell Moments

Debut of Gears of War.Debut of Gears of War. This cooperative third person science fiction shooter was developed by Epic Games and became one of the most popular franchises on the Xbox 360.Top 10 Modern Co-Op Video Games

The Jokela school shooting takes place.Pekka-Eric Auvinen kills 8 at a mass shooting in Finland.Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings Outside the U.S.
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