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October 7

Oct 7
Death of Edgar Allan PoeDeath of Edgar Allan Poe (1849).Top 10 Notes: The Raven

Birthday of Vladimir Putin Birthday of Vladimir Putin (1952)Vladimir Putin Biography: Russian Leader's Life and Career

Birthday of Simon Cowell Birthday of Simon Cowell (1959)The Life and Career of Simon Cowell

Release: SpartacusThe film Spartacus is released (1960)Top 10 Stanley Kubrick Movies
Top 10 Sword and Sandal Movies

Birthday of Matthew RoloffBirthday of Matthew Roloff (1961)Top 10 Influential Little People

Birthday of Thom YorkeBirthday of Thom Yorke [Radiohead] (1968)The History of Radiohead
Top Greatest 10 Radiohead Songs
Top 10 Alternative Bands of the 1990s

Birthday of Thom Yorke Birthday of Thom Yorke (1968)Top 10 Alternative Bands of All Time (REDUX)

Release: The Jackson 5's I Want You Back is releasedThe Jackson 5's I Want You Back is released (1969).Top 10 Billboard Records

Birthday of Football Player Charles WoodsonHistory and accomplishments of the Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers - Greatest Sports Franchises

Release: We Will Rock You by Queen is releasedWe Will Rock You by Queen is released (1977)Top 10 Rock Anthems

Release: Cats opens on BroadwayThe musical 'Cats,' by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, first opens on BroadwayTop 10 Broadway Musicals

Release: Never Say Never AgainThe James Bond film Never Say Never Again is released (1983)Top 10 Best Sean Connery Performances

Release: Au Revoir les EnfantsThe film Au Revoir les Enfants is released (1987)Top 10 Successful Foreign Films

Release: Henry VThe film Henry V is released (1989)Top 10 Movie Battle Speeches

The Seinfeld episode The Bubble Boy first airsThe Seinfeld episode The Bubble Boy first airs (1992)Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

The Simpsons' episode Cape Feare first airsThe Simpsons' episode Cape Feare first airs (1993)Top 10 Simpsons Episodes

Release: Ed WoodThe film Ed Wood is released (1994)Top 10 Tim Burton Movies

The War in Afghanistan beginsThe War in Afghanistan begins (2001)Top 10 Armies of All Time

North American release of Nokia's N-Gage.North American release of Nokia's N-Gage. A mobile phone and handheld gaming system, this one was a dud with consumers.Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles

Release: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitThe film Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is released (2005)Top 10 Stop-Motion Animation Movies
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