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Top 5 Broken Games That People Still Love

Flawed and Fabulous

While most modern games strive for perfection in their presentation, there are a few who have managed to capture the hearts of players everywhere despite their obvious blemishes. Whether its due to addictive gameplay, a compelling story or some other bizarre form of charm, these five titles will likely continue to endure!

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#5: “State of Decay” (2013)

Not only was the original game quite buggy and plagued with a host of performance issues upon shipping but the sequel released five years later suffered from the same issues as well. Luckily, the bugs and glitches all jive very well with the games’ mission of surviving a zombie apocalypse and tend to add more laughs than frustration. It’s not uncommon to see a zombie blasted high into the air by a gun or grenade and never hit the ground, in wall when zombies are around or for characters to glitch into walls and objects during tense moments, adding some light heartedness to an otherwise stressful game.

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#4: “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” (2018)

Like a lot of ambitious, huge games, this RPG’s launch was filled with a myriad of technical problems, but gamers so craved the reality of its world that they were willing to overlook just about anything in favour of realness. The AI was suspect with enemies not even facing the correct way in battle and the animation dipped so low you’d think the game would crash. Interactions with the environment around you could be frustrating and funny at the same time, and NPCs floated in thin air like the undead! The game was an undeniable hit, however, and definitely satisfied its fan base, so the bugs are seen as a kind of comedic break in the action.

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#3: “Mass Effect” (2008)

Yet another example of a “Game So Big It Must Be Buggy”, “Mass Effect” contained some serious “WTF Moments” that left us laughing and cringing at the same time, and this type of buggy gameplay would continue right through to “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” It also doesn’t help matters much when the series isn’t exactly known for its precise controls either! Walking horizontally in Spectator Mode; clipping through walls, floating vehicles; pitch black character models, all of these are commonplace. Oh, and the multiplayer is so glitchy it’s hard to tell if enemies are dead or breakdancing. Despite these bugs, the glitches in the Mass Effect series have become part of the allure.

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#2: “Red Dead Redemption” (2010)

It was no doubt the scope of the game’s enormous environment gave birth to its long list of glitches, but it’s not like we cared – the game is still a masterpiece! Yes, even RockStar is sometimes powerless to be able to polish every little aspect of their games but, in an odd way, it helped give “Red Dead Redemption” some added charm! Horse and buggy drivers mysteriously driving a phantom carriage, serious “map breaks,” hilarious sky launching of enemies and NPCs, and some seriously messed up character animations all made RockStar’s Western even more enjoyable over the years.

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#1: “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010)

Yes, the entire Fallout franchise is infamous for its bugs and glitches, but developer Obsidian’s 2010 effort in the series was something else entirely! Of course, the Bethesda-created Fallouts are known for their fair share of technical hiccups as well, but “Fallout: New Vegas” had some spectacular bungles like the VAT System messing up dialogue choices and cut scenes, character models getting so entangled they can no longer attack each other, and some of the worst swimming physics we’ve seen in games! Yet, all these years later, there are a lot of gamers who consider this the best entry in the series! Go figure!

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