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Top 5 Most Romantic Moments in Video Games

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Even when the world is at stake and there are enemies at the gate, you can always count on an in-game romance to burn bright. Whether its weaved into the narrative or driven by player-choice, these couplings managed to melt plenty of hearts with their portrayals of genuine affection and companionship.

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#5: Johnny and River go to the Moon
“To the Moon” (2011)

No, it isn’t a video game adaptation of “The Honeymooners”. This endlessly charming 2011 indie game follows two scientists gently re-writing the memories of a dying man in order to grant him his final wish, that being a trip to the moon. As the game progresses, you learn this isn’t just about walking in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps. No, the truth is much more tragic, a sad tale of lost memories and a marriage fraught with tragedy. But get to the game’s ending, and you’ll see that dream realized in a sequence that, when you know the full significance, is a moment more heartwarming….and heartbreaking…..than you might expect.

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#4: The Carousel Ride
“The Last of Us: Left Behind” (2013)

You’d think that there’d be precious little time for romance when a terrifying fungus is turning people into growling, clicking, mushroom headed zombies. But in the “Left Behind” DLC for “The Last of Us”, protagonists Ellie and Riley have a touching moment on an abandoned carousel despite it all. The ride sadly breaks down after only a minute, but the moment is saved when Riley breaks out a book of wonderfully terrible jokes, taking the “adorkable” factor of this moment up to eleven. It sadly isn’t too long before things start to get hectic and scary again, which honestly makes this moment all the more touching and meaningful.

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#3: Cullen Gets a Dog
“Dragon Age: Inquisition” (2014)

Like most Bioware RPGs, this entry in the “Dragon Age” franchise, lets you woo various party members, adding a dash of romance to your fantasy action epic if that’s what you’re looking for. One of these is Cullen, the protagonist’s lantern-jawed military advisor, who makes an adorably nervous marriage proposal at the end of his romantic questline. And to make the whole thing even cuter, it comes moments after Cullen adopts an adorable dog! Now true, workplace romances are kind of risky, even when that workplace is a fledgling order dedicated to combating dark magic, could you say no to those eyes? We mean Cullen’s eyes, by the way, not the dog’s.

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#2: To Kill a Mockingbird
“The Darkness” (2007)

It’s important to remember that romance isn’t all about big moments of soaring emotion set against epic backdrops. Sometimes the most romantic thing of all is just curling up with your partner for a quiet, intimate moment. Jackie Estacado gets such a moment with his girlfriend Jenny, as the two stretch out on the couch to watch classic 1962 drama “To Kill a Mockingbird”. And we don’t mean like clips from it, or a CGI recreation using the game’s engine. You can actually watch the actual, entire film in-game if you choose not to interrupt the scene. All the romance and intimacy, but without your arm falling asleep under your partner’s head!

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#1: Romance in the Lake
“Final Fantasy X” (2001)

The Final Fantasy series overall has a lot of romantic moments to choose from, with Squall carrying Rinoa also being worthy of a mention. But as sweet as that sequence is, it pales in comparrison to the 10th entry’s most memorable moment. In this quiet moment; we see Tidus trying to comfort Yuna after she had been betrayed by the religious order she had devoted herself her entire life to, they slip away from the rest of the party and share a peaceful and romantic moment in Lake Macalania, culminating in arguably one of the most beautiful cinematic sequences ever seen in a video game. J-pop song and all.

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