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Top 3 Mortal Kombat Characters Who Need To Be Revamped


Netherrealm Studios have been on a role as of late, as both Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X managed to secure themselves as some of the best fighting games in modern memory. With fans eagerly anticipating the release of the next instalment in the MK verse, thoughts once again turn to the roster and which combatants will make the cut. While we can expect to see old and new faces aplenty, we have to wonder if any of these poorly received characters will manage to get a much needed makeover.

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#3: Frost

She had a somewhat brief cameo in Mortal Kombat X, wherein she tried to pick a fight with Scorpion before she got turned into an ice-sculpture by Sub-Zero, but otherwise has become somewhat of a relic. While many have often labelled her as a cheap female Sub-Zero rip-off (which is kind of true) it would be still be neat to see her character redefined in such a way as to make her a unique fighter. If they could do it for Cassie Cage, they can do it for Frost.

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#2: Chameleon

Look back far enough in fighting game history and you’ll always find that one character who is nothing more than an amalgamation of all other characters. In Mortal Kombat’s case, you have Chameleon. Think of him as Shang Tsung without the transformations and only the abilities of the other ninja. It may be a basic concept, but with an actual backstory, maybe Netherrealm could pull it off.

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#1: Motaro

The last time we saw this iconic sub-boss was when he only had two legs, stripping him of his one defining feature; a demon centaur capable of messing up any player who dared test their might. While we can imagine integrating a horse hybrid character into the mix would prove quite a challenge for the developers, there has been no better time for this classic MK character to make a comeback. Can’t let Goro steal the spotlight after all.

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