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New Album Out! But Are These the Top 3 Travis Scott Tracks EVER?

If you only see him as a towering figure in the Wild West of autotune rap, then you’ve kind of been living under a rock. On the heels of giving birth to a daughter with Kylie Jenner and releasing his star-studded third record “Astroworld,” he’s now nothing less than a full-blown artist and celeb.

Let’s look at three of his best tracks.

“Pick Up the Phone” (2016); Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & Quavo


There’s no question that Scott’s 5th collab with Young Thug and 4th with Quavo was a team made in heaven. “Pick Up the Phone” was a major success and went Platinum, even though its meaning is actually rooted in failure. In their respective verses, each rapper bemoans their state of unrequited love due to unanswered calls and texts from their object of desire who they know is really only pretending to be unavailable. It’s built on themes of fidelity and commitment, but between Travis yelling “it’s lit!” and Thugger’s flex of a verse, it has all the trappings of a nightclub anthem.

“Antidote” (2015); Travis Scott


The second single from “Rodeo” wasn’t even supposed to be on Travis’s album… but after an unofficial SoundCloud drop and swiftly becoming a fan favourite, “Antidote” evolved into one of Travis’s hugest songs. And for good reason: it’s irresistibly catchy, exhibiting Travis’s aptitude for producing a radio-friendly hook. Its lyrics also spotlight his frequent subject matter of popping pills and partying, while casting the drug-fueled lifestyle in the most sombre of tints. “Antidote” may be about living freely, but Travis is clearly weighted by a lot of personal demons, which is why he resorts to weed as his antidote, as he describes hotboxing a car in the track’s chorus.

“90210” (2015); Travis Scott feat. Kacy Hill

This ZIP code is best known for being re-appropriated as the title for teen TV series “90210,” which Travis pays homage to while exposing the darker underworld of Beverly Hills. The song paints a picture of a valley girl on a quest to find the right alley, which may insinuate drug dealing, sexual exploits, or any sort of other illicit activity. Yet somewhere beyond that alley, melodic sax and keyboards segue into the song’s part 2, widening its scope from the shady search for pleasure into a divulgence about Travis’s family life. Don’t let its Barbie-inspired video fool you: “90210” is flowing with emotional depth.

What’s your favorite Travis Scott jam?


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