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Top 5 Characters We Want To See In Jump Force

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

While characters from Shonen Jump Magazine battling it out with each other though the medium of  a video game is nothing new, the reveal of Jump Force at E3 has given many a manga and anime fan hoping that this will be the one to raise the bar in terms of gameplay and narrative. While we can expect to wait a while before the final result is revealed, we can certainly hope that the following five find a way make their way onto the roster.

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#5: Kusuo Saiki
“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”

The most powerful psychic in the world has no shortage of incredible abilities at his disposal, to the point where tangoing with the like of monsters like Frieza would be a breeze. Sure, his overblown arsenal is mainly used for comedic purposes, but that’s not to say that Saiki isn’t capable of holding his own in a brawl. While we likely won’t be able to alter the minds of the world’s populace or lift up mountains with a mere thought, watching him teleport all around the stage while sending the rest of the fighters flying like a Jedi is still something we can’t wait to try.

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#4: Kenshiro
“Fist of the North Star”

The nomad with arguably the most muscles out of any shonen protagonist ever, Kenshiro is a one-man powerhouse capable of detonating the limbs of his foes with nothing more than a poke. With an impossible amount of strength behind him along with his mastery of Hokuto Shinken, there aren’t many that can hold a candle to him in a fist fight. He may be a man of few words, but you can bet plenty of his Jump Force opponents will be hearing “you are already dead” in their ear before their heads explode.

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#3: Gon Freecss
“Hunter x Hunter”

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate his size. Despite being a child, Gon’s experiences as a Hunter have turned him into a force of nature. Whether its his skills with his fishing rod, the raw power of his Nen abilities, or that one frightening transformation into an adult version of himself, watching him break through his foe’s expectations with a well timed Jajanken would be a delight to witness. While we’ll happily accept anyone from the Hunter-verse, Gon should obvious get dibs given his vast accomplishments.

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#2: The Joestars
“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

Jonathon Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata. We don’t care which, just put one of these glorious guys in the game. Whether they’re busting out Hamon to take on threats like Dio Brando or engaging in brutal Stand battles with other users, this lineage of macho badassess have unintentionally safeguarded the world throughout the years, their strength only overshadowed by their distinct and infectious personalities. Whether they’re courteous, comedic or crass in their approach to people, the Joestar descendants will still flatten any pirate or ninja with unrelenting ferocity.

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#1: Izuku Midoriya
“My Hero Academia”

The newest kid on the block has managed to earn adoration the world over thanks to how his series has both deconstructed and paid homage to the superhero genre. Izuku himself is a superhero fanboy with a gentle heart and somewhat unyielding resolve to live up to the teachings of his idol All Might, who also happens to come armed with a Quirk that lets him punch through literally anything. He may be easily startled and have no idea how to handle awkward social situations, but there’s no doubt he deserves to stand alongside some of Jump’s more celebrated characters. What better time for him to step into the ring than this?

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