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Top 5 Hilarious Deadpool 2 Deaths

“I’d Never Let Anything Happen To You, Sugar Bear”

Unsurprisingly, Deadpool’s long-awaited sequel was filled to the brim with more blood and butts that we knew what to do with. By the time the credits had rolled around, the was an entire timeline’s worth of dead bodies left behind due to the Merc with the Mouth’s antics. Gory? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. In fact so many of the death scenes in this film were funny that there was enough to form an entire countdown!

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Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Black Tom Cassidy

A gross inmate in his own right, Black Tom pretty much ate up the scenery whenever he got the chance, even getting in a few good swings in at a powerless Deadpool during their time in the Ice Box. However, he ends up getting his just desserts when Cable accidentally shoots him in the face, leading to Deadpool bursting into a hilarious rant about how the time-traveller is racist by proxy.

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#4: The Headmaster

As the architect of Russell’s suffering, everyone was expecting this  mutant-hating creep to end up getting his comeuppance by the film’s end. However, in an act of defiance, Deadpool insists he should be spared in order to prove his stigma against mutants is entirely false…only for Dopinder to burst onto the scene with his taxi a second later and reduce him to a red stain.

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#3: Ryan Reynolds

No one hates Green Lantern more than Ryan Reynolds. Apparently that first jab in the original Deadpool movie wasn’t enough to satisfy him, so in a glorious post-credit scene he decided to go all out by having Deadpool assassinate the one person responsible for the film’s existence; himself. We’re not sure how much more of an apology an actor can make than when he has his most famous role travel back in time in order to shoot himself in the head to avoid accepting the part.

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#2: Barakapool

After X-Men Origins: Wolverine managed to mess up the character of Deadpool beyond compare, we were all eager to see the Merc with the Mouth get some kind of retribution later down the line. However, none of us were expecting him to literally clear up the timeline himself. In a scene as cathartic as it is hysterical, Deadpool manages to unloaded several clips worth of bullets into his wicked doppelganger before he can go on to cause any more damage. No wonder Logan looks so confused.

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#1: X-Force

This team of mischievous mutants were marketed as the super-team that were going to give the Avengers a run for their money…only for the film to kill them off instantly in the most ludicrously gory ways possible. Bedlum gets hit by a bus, The Vanisher gets electrocuted, Shatterstar gets shredded to pieces by a helicopter, even Peter finds himself meeting a horrific end when Zeitgeist vomits acidic fluids all over him. The only thing more shocking than their bloody demises is hearing Deadpool’s genuine shrieks of horror as he loses his team in the space of two minutes.

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