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Top 3 Dazzling Video Game Level Designs

Prepare To Lose Yourself In Their Worlds

While great games are often praised for the fluidity of their mechanics, their overarching narrative and sound design, we can’t forget that the virtual environments our avatars inhabit are also a crucial element. Some don’t stray further than their unremarkable first impressions, especially with the current open-world craze that dominates the medium. That being said, a few titles who still adopt the level-by-level design have managed to go above and beyond in recent years, turning their game’s stages into an artist’s playground.

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Whether for their creativity, sense of scale or breath-taking visuals, these are the levels that will stick with us even long after we have conquered them.

#3: Cronos
“God of War III” (2010)

Both a living level and a boss fight all rolled into one, this moment stands out as one of the franchise’s most epic moments. Staggering in size, Kratos must fight across Cronos’ body while avoiding getting turned into a red stain. Everything from his finger nails, his scabs, even the inside of his gullet are places the Ghost of Sparta can both traverse and attack. Honestly, by the time we had finally gotten around to slaying the Father of the Titans we were a little disappointed, given the fact there was nothing in the game that was going to compare to this death-match!

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#2: The Descent
“Journey” (2012)

Everything about this game is beautiful, so it was tough to choose just one aspect of the Traveler’s adventure. While traversing the desert and reaching the summit was truly exquisite, the moment that leaps out at us the most is when our adorable nomad starts his descent towards the dangerous catacombs beneath the sands. Not only do we get to glide across the stage, but the lighting and camerawork make the whole thing appear as though we are crossing an ocean of liquid gold. Stunning.

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#1: The Clockwork Mansion
“Dishonoured 2”

Assassinating a genius who aided a tyrannical queen in taking over all of Dunwall? Kirin Jindosh was a dead man walking, though we can’t deny he perhaps has the best house ever conceived. The entire estate can transform at the click of a switch, changing its layout in mere moments into something of contrasting yet equal beauty. Not only is this dazzling to behold, but it offers Corvo and Emily numerous means to reach Jindosh while trying to avoid the blades of the deadly Clockwork Soldiers. There’s truly a secret around every corner.

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Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Bizarre Video Game Levels!

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