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Top 3 Douchebag Gods In Video Games

Best Skip The Prayers For This Lot

With the power to both save and smite any they choose, divine creatures of all mythologies have become easy targets for video game developers to turn into antagonists. As a result, gamers have had ample opportunity to interact with (and occassionaly kill) all manner of pantheons. Some are wicked, some are benevolent, but only a special few manage to transcend into the realm of pure obnoxiousness!

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Whether they’re throwing around their godhood for arrogance’s sake or are just beyond the pale of despicable, these are the deities that we were more than happy to pull off their high horse.

#3: King of All Cosmos
“Katamari Damacy” (2004)

This character’s failings aren’t so much due to an inflated ego as much as his sheer stupidity. After getting drunk, this godly figure accidentally wipes out all the stars and celestial bodies from the galaxy. Does he own up to his mistake? Of course not! He leaves the task of putting up new constellations to his young son while he kicks back and avoids all responsibilities. Not sure about you, but we think the Prince should really think about usurping his old man…

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#2: Zeus
“God of War” series (2005-)

The Lord of Olympus isn’t exactly going to be winning any father of the year awards anytime soon. Fuelled by the fear that his son Kratos may one day betray and kill him, he decides to take the initiative by stripping the Spartan of his powers and sending him to Hell. This paranoia would end up invoking Kratos’ unyielding rage, culminating in a war that would pretty much destroy all of Ancient Greece. Just goes to show how dangerous poor parenting can be.

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#1: Kefka Palazzo
“Final Fantasy VI” (1994)

As a human, he was a murderous jester who thrived on the chaos he caused, killing thousands of innocents in the process. Now imagine what happens when a mind as twisted as that ends up becoming the new God of Magic. The answer? An epic boss battle with a deity who’s as prideful as they come and more than happy to watch the world burn. He’s one of Final Fantasy’s best antagonists, if only because of how conceited and hateful he truly is.

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