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First Trailer Drops for Freddy Mercury Biopic, and Rami Malek Looks INCREDIBLE



Band from the ’70s and ’80s. Maybe you’ve heard of them . . .?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, you have. Freddy Mercury was a rock god, admired, revered and envied by everyone from opera fans to metalheads to Kurt Cobain.  (And John Deacon, Roger Taylor and astrophysicist guitar god Brian May ain’t no slouches either.)

Ready Freddie?

Trying to get a biopic of Mr. Mercury to the silver screen has been an odyssey many years in the making.  The surviving original members of Queen  retain control of the project, and wouldn’t settle for just any actor. Notoriously, Sacha Baron Cohen,  the comedian/actor who would do anything for a laugh, was turfed from what seemed like the dream gig  because of, let’s say . . .  creative differences.

But who could fill those platform shoes? Who looks enough like the mustachioed marvel and has an amazing set of pipes, a commanding presence and charm for days?

This Dude.

And fans have been slavering at the mouth ever since for teasers, trailers, any moving pictures from this project to get released. (Until now, the only thing truly released, beyond a few promo pics, was actually director Bryan Singer. Dexter Fletcher is now helming the movie.)

Well, our long national nightmare is over. The first trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody has dropped, and well . . . damn if it don’t look AWESOME.

Here, have a gander yourselves:


Queen of All Media

We weren’t lying, right? If you’re a Queen fan (and Queen are actually more popular in the UK, for example, than the actual Queen) then you can’t wait for winter to roll around for this (literal) bad boy to hit theaters. Until then, we’ve got you covered: check back here for any future trailers or cool content.

And please do share: what’s your favorite fab Freddie moment?




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