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Top 3 Upcoming Video Game Films That We Still Can’t Believe Are Happening

It’s Game Over Before It Even Begins

Video games and Hollywood have a rather checkered past. Their couplings range from laughably bad to somewhat tolerable all the way to pure garbage. Given how the almost cinematic level of storytelling that goes into games these days, there doesn’t really seem to be a point in the two even trying to cross boundaries anymore. Alas, Hollywood can be a rather clingy ex, and as a result we now have a fair amount properties all lined up to get the Rampage treatment.

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Could these films actually turn out to be good? There’s always a chance, but given the history of video game movies, it’s extremely likely these are going to be dead on arrival, especially given what these three have chosen as their subject matter.

#3: Call of Duty

Given the immense popularity of the franchise, it was only going to be a matter of time before a studio decided to try and plaster it over the big screen. Unfortunately, we’re not sure they quite know what kind of beast they are dealing with. The game’s primary attraction is its multiplayer, but also has a rather well-developed single-player campaign. As a result, trying to appeal to both parts of the fanbase is just going to end up pushing them away. The fact they’re also trying to turn it into its own cinematic universe is just the icing on the cake.

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#2: Monster Hunter

Paul W.S Anderson rose to infamy by bringing us the live-action adaptation of Resident Evil, followed by its many, many, many sequels. Horror addicts hated them, fans of the games despised them, they were barely able to hold the title of “so bad it’s good.” Now that his zombie days are done, the director has set this sights on another of Japan’s most beloved game series. With an alleged premise of bringing the various creatures of the Monster Hunter world into modern day Earth, we can only imagine the amount of backlash this flick is going to get.

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#1: Tetris

By itself, even with a colossal budget and a talented director, there was no way an adaptation of this puzzle game was going to be a success. Now, imagine what the result is going to be when the man helming the whole thing is the guy who brought us Foodfight. Oh, and he plans on turning the whole thing into a trilogy. There is no way this won’t end up being a blight upon film itself, but it sounds so awful we’re kind of looking forward to seeing just how bad it is…

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