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Top 3 Anime To Watch If You Like B: The Beginning

Darkness, Detectives and Death Aplenty

While they haven’t always had the greatest track record when it comes to original anime, this particular outing has won Netflix nothing but praise. A police procedural that blends together an overarching murder-mystery along with a heavy dose of the supernatural, Detective Keith Flick’s hunt to find the serial killer known as B certainly wasn’t short on engrossing moments. Not to mention it’s closing theme was downright epic!

For those that binged the entire series in a single day, you might be feeling withdrawal symptoms now that Keith, Lily and Koku’s story is up in the air. While the investigation may get itself a second series somewhere down the line, we feel that these particular anime should be more than sufficient to tie you over until then.

#3: “Tokyo Ghoul” (2014-15; 2018-)

For those that found themselves more enthralled with the antics of the Jet-Black King, then we humbly recommend you dine on this particularly bloody feast. Focusing on the misfortune of  student Ken Kaneki, he discovers his world torn asunder after encountering the humanoid flesh-eaters known as Ghouls. After an emergency operation leaves him as a half-human, half-Ghoul hybrid, he must find a wave to tow his cravings while also coming to the realization that there’s perhaps more to these creatures than first thought.

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#2: “Death Note” (2006-07)

Arguably the pinnacle when it comes to occult detective anime, for those of you that like your murder-mysteries to be intricately plotted, well-thought out and give the more mystical elements a clear structure, then this is the one for you. After coming across a notebook that has the power to take someone’s life away, genius sociopath Light Yagami begins a crusade under the name of Kira, killing off those he views as criminals in order to create a better world. Unfortunately for him, he soon finds himself in the cross-hairs of an intellectual equal known as L, who won’t stop until Kira is put behind bars.

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#1: “Monster” (2004-05)

An enemy that can’t be stopped. An ordinary man forced to choose between his morals and the lives of innocent people. If you’re looking for a tension-filled experience that explores every facet of the human condition, then look no further. Discredited after choosing to save the life of a child over that of a high ranking official, Dr Tenma’s decision comes back to haunt in the form of the terrifying Johan Liebert. With one of anime’s greatest villains at the helm, this series will have you entranced from beginning to end, while also slowly chipping away at your soul.

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