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Top 10 Anime That Are Way More Popular in Japan

Anime as a medium is now loved the world over, and while everyone certainly has their own tastes, its not impossible to see which titles a collective of people gravitate towards. As it happens, this also applies to the birthplace of Japanimation. While there are several heavy hitters fans from both the east and west enjoy, we’ll be looking at the series that are beloved over in Japan that haven’t had quite the same impact over here.

#10: “Girls und Panzer” (2012-13)

Its your typical slice of life featuring a group of lovable school girls, only with one slight twist. They all compete in sporting competitions with combat-ready tanks.

#9: “PreCure” Franchise (2004-)

This franchise has being going strong for over a decade now, and might just be one of the most popular magical girl anime to have ever aired. How else do you explain how it keeps getting sequel series?

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#8: “Yo-kai Watch” (2014)

Both the video game and its anime equivalent became so popular that there was a period of time that it look like it was going to take Pokemon’s throne. Who knew Japanese fans loved ghost hunting so much?

#7: “Macross” franchise (1982-2016)

Synth music, love triangles and mecha all join forces to create a franchise that has dazzled audiences for decades on end.

#6: “Doraemon” (1973-)

Possibly the most beloved children’s anime in Japan, it has been going on for so many years that it has influenced and entertained multiple generations of viewers!

#5: “Uta no Prince-sama” series (2011-16)

The reverse harem anime whose music proved to be so popular that it inspired several live-action concerts. Come for the husbandos, leave singing the theme!

#4: “Crayon Shin-chan” (1992-)

He may look crudely drawn, but Shin-chan’s hilarious and vulgar adventures are still going on to this very day, so he must be doing something right.

#3: “Mr Osomatsu” (2015-)

You can call this Japan’s answer to South Park, showing the daily lives of six identical brothers as they try to make it through another day, always managing to fall back on their old NEET ways.

#2: “Kemono Friends” (2017)

Its characters, setting and seemingly sub-par animation have managed to get its hooks into mainstream anime culture to the point its impossible to escape its fanbase!

#1: “Detective Conan” (1996-)

An ongoing mystery series featuring a modern day Sherlock Holmes with more charm than we know what to do with. Some fans over here may love it, but Japanese fans are OBSESSED with it.

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