Top 5 Songs From Eminem's Kamikaze
Top 5 Songs From Eminem's Kamikaze

Top 5 Songs From Eminem's Kamikaze

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Slim Shady's back! On August 31st, 2018, Eminem dropped a new surprise album, and it is fire. WatchMojo ranks the top songs from Eminem's Kamikaze.

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Shady’s back – tell a friend. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 5 songs from Eminem’s “Kamikaze.”

For this list, we’ve binge-listened to Slim Shady’s 2018 LP to pick our favorite tracks.

#5: “Venom – Music from the Motion Picture”

Just a few hours before the surprise drop of his tenth studio album, Em posted a teaser for this track on Instagram. Accompanied by a modified version of the film’s title sequence and a caption tagging the official “Venom” movie account, the very brief snippet whet the appetites of both Eminem fans and superhero fans alike. Little did we know we’d be able to hear it in full just a short time later, as “Kamikaze” was released to streaming services that same night. With its full title confirming its inclusion on the 2018 movie soundtrack, a catchy but menacing chorus, and references to the Marvel Comics character himself, “Venom” is truly a song “for the strong willed.”

#4: “Stepping Stone”

If you were hoping for a D12 reunion, sorry to disappoint but doesn’t sound like it’s happening… Falling around the middle of the track list, this autobiographical song sees Em – in his signature smooth yet aggressive vocal style – recounting the highs and lows of his days with the Dirty Dozen. Sadly, once Proof died, the group lost its soul and everyone went their separate ways. Slim gets introspective and relatable when he talks about how difficult and awkward it is to recapture the glory days, and how he feels guilty for the way things turned out. Ultimately, “Stepping Stone” is one more powerful step Eminem is taking in his battle for sobriety – making amends to the people he’s hurt.

#3: “Fall”

“Kamikaze”’s ninth track opens with the unmistakable falsetto vocals of Justin Vernon. Though he’s mentioned as a writer of the song, the singer’s vocal performance goes uncredited – and if you mostly listen to rap, you may be wondering what the frontman of indie folk band Bon Iver is doing here. But diehard music fans would know that this isn’t Vernon’s only hip hop collaboration: he’s also lent his talents to several Kanye West tunes. And of course, Eminem is no stranger to mixing genres, having sung with rock bands, indie artists and pop stars. While in theory mixing indie folk and Eminem’s rapping sounds like a weird matchup, give “Fall” a closer listen - because, in practice, it really does work.

#2: “Greatest”

Eminem is two things: blunt and catchy as hell. In the boast track “Greatest,” he first and foremost takes on critics of his last album, 2017’s “Revival,” with lines like: [“You set a mark too high when platinum sales are looked at as a failure”]. He also gives a nod to the tune “HUMBLE.” by Kendrick Lamar – who actually receives a writing credit on “Greatest.” Lamar isn’t the only hip hop figure getting a reference, though; back when Em referred to Die Antwoord in “Untouchable,” the group took issue with his mispronunciation of their Afrikaans name. And in this Mike Will Made It-produced track, Shady fires back: [“you dissed me and I was just tryin' to give you a shout—now get the fuck out my rhyme book!”] Even if listeners can’t keep up with the speed of his verses, boasts and disses, once the chorus comes in, it’s easy enough to catch on and sing along.

#1: “The Ringer”

You only get one shot, one opportunity to make a first impression, and Em used his wisely. “Kamikaze”’s opening track is a scathing indictment of new-school rap, the media and – unsurprisingly – the Trump administration. It’s proof the Detroit rapper isn’t mellowing as he ages: while he does commend the Kendricks, J. Coles and Big Seans, he calls out mumble rappers like Lil Yachty, and puts guys like Lil Pump and Lil Xan on blast for ripping off Lil Wayne. Who gets it the worst though? That honor goes to President Trump and Vice President Pence: after criticizing POTUS in some 2017 freestyles, Marshall Mathers continues the trend. Oh, and if you trashed “Revival”? You get yours too. Again.
A respectable list. Except for the fact that somehow Lucky You isn't on here. Are you kidding me? Lucky You is better then all the songs on this list, it should have been at least mentioned. A lack in research it is, as this is simply a fact.