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VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Kim Dionne
Friends forever! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the friendship moments that warmed our hearts and made us laugh. A spoiler alert is in effect. Our countdown includes moments from episodes “Band or DJ?”, “The Chain of Screaming”, “Spoiler Alert” and more!

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the friendship moments that warmed our hearts and made us laugh, but were sometimes overlooked by more prominent moments in the show. Because some of these moments happen at pivotal moments in the series, a spoiler alert is in effect. Which underrated friendship moment on this beloved sitcom is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Lily Helps Barney’s Romantic Life

“Do I Know You?”

Lily and Barney have one of the most heartfelt, if not underrated, friendships on the show, and some of their shared moments are our absolute favorites. When Barney admits his feelings for Robin to Lily, she springs into action in a way that is so Lily-esque in order to try and get them together. She sets them up on an unknowing date, and we see Barney in one of his most genuine moments while he’s out to dinner with Robin. While they wouldn’t end up together this time, Lily helped lay the foundation that would eventually become their relationship. It shows just how much she cares about her friends, and especially her soft spot for The Barnacle.

#9: Marshall’s Fiero Almost Reaches 200,000

“Arrivederci, Fiero”

It’s clear that Marshall Eriksen is nothing if not sentimental, and the attachment he has to his aging vehicle is the perfect example of that. Just before his Fiero reaches 200,000 miles, it breaks down, and the gang reflects on their fondest memories with the car. Ted tried and failed to teach Barney to drive it, Lily and Robin bonded over spilled Thai food, and Marshall and Ted almost froze to death during a road trip. We get a peek into the foundation of the group's relationship, and watching them attempt to push the vehicle the last mile is just icing on the cake.

#8: Taking the Leap

“The Leap”

The end of season four represents a crossroads moment for the characters. While Barney and Robin navigate their feelings for each other and Ted tries to figure out his next career move, Marshall decides it’s finally time to take the big leap. From roof to roof, to the neighboring apartment’s deck, that is. The rest of the group watches as he takes the leap, and they follow one by one, signifying the end of this chapter in their lives and this season of the show. It’s a seriously underappreciated and special moment for the gang.

#7: Last Cigarettes

“Last Cigarette Ever”

Most people don’t associate smoking cigarettes with sentimental moments, but when the group decides to have one last cigarette together, it’s powerful. After Marshall falls back into smoking with a little help from Robin, the rest of the gang follows suit. It doesn’t take long for them to all realize they need to quit, especially when Ted can no longer climb the stairs and Lily’s voice drops about one thousand octaves. On the roof of the apartment during sunrise, the friends spark up one last smoke. Ted tells us that this isn’t truly any of their last cigarettes, but the gesture in this moment is what really matters, and it’s a surprisingly moving scene.

#6: Marshall’s Bar Password

“Spoiler Alert”

We all have little quirks that might irritate those around us, and usually we’re oblivious to them. In this particular group of five, there are correctors, loud chewers, and unnecessary singers. When everyone points out the quirks they’ve noticed with each other, the group gets defensive and argues about it. But, when they discover that one of Marshall’s annoying songs was actually a pneumonic device to remember the password for the website hosting his bar exam results, everyone quickly changes their tune. Once Marshall finds out he’s officially a lawyer, everyone forgets about their annoyances as quickly as they’d discovered them. If that’s not proof that this group of friends is more like family, we don’t know what is!

#5: Ted Sells His Car to Help Lily & Marshall

“The Chain of Screaming”

Ted makes it clear time and time again that his love for his friends knows no bounds, and one often-forgotten friendship moment with Ted happens after Marshall gets fired. After Barney teaches Marshall how to scream at his boss, Marshall finds himself standing on the street with his belongings in a cardboard box. He meets up with Ted in his brand new car to discuss what happened, and when all is said and done, Ted sells his car and gives the money to the newly unemployed Marshall. Really, who needs a car in New York City any way?

#4: Lily & Ted Confess

“Band or DJ?”

Lily has always been great at giving members of their friend group pep talks, and this is one of her most impactful. After Barney and Robin get engaged, Ted struggles with Robin choosing Barney over him. To get him to finally admit this out loud, Lily confesses that she is struggling with motherhood, but they both agree that sometimes it’s easier to accept things than hang on to what could have been. The discussion rings true to anyone that is navigating the best way to accept where they are in life. It’s a talk that shows the maturity and growth of their friendship, and is arguably one of the most meaningful moments shared between the two.

#3: Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir


On Barney and Robin’s wedding day, Barney is ridiculously hungover and his friends get together to try and rally him. They remember that during some of their worst mornings, Barney helped them feel better with his Hangover Fixer Elixir, containing Tantrum soda, Funyuns, and some other similarly questionable ingredients. When Barney is finally awake enough to talk, it’s revealed that he made up the elixir to help the gang believe they were going to feel better at the low points in their lives because he loves them. Needless to say, this moment melts our hearts.

#2: Ted Gives the Apartment to Lily & Marshall


The apartment is a staple of the series, with almost every member of the group having lived there at some point or another. Ted and Robin live there as roommates for years, but their dynamic gets messy after Ted admits he’s in love with her and Robin doesn’t reciprocate. In another precious friendship moment, Marshall helps his best friend find peace with this by telling Robin to move out, and she moves in with him and Lily. While there, Robin learns that Marshall and Lily miss the city, which helps Ted decide it’s time to leave the apartment behind. Marshall and Lily enter to find the place completely vacant, prepped for them and baby Marvin. If Robin’s old room needed a new tenant, a better one could not have been chosen.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lily’s Replacement, “The Broken Code”

Before Moving to Rome, Lily Tries to Find Robin a New Companion

Saying Goodbye to Ted, “Last Forever”

Before He Moves to Chicago, His Best Friend’s Bid Him Adieu in the Perfect Way

Barney Lets Lily Live With Him, “World’s Greatest Couple”

Lily Infiltrates the Fortress of Barnitude When She Has Nowhere Else to Go

#1: Photo in the Booth

“Last Forever”

The series finale is chock full of precious moments shared between our favorite five friends. Marshall, Lily, and Ted being there for the birth of Barney’s daughter, Ted and Tracy finally getting married, and the group saying goodbye to the apartment all come to mind. But, the moment that brings the series full circle (while also bringing a tear to our eye) is when the friend group reunites before Ted and Tracy’s wedding. Tracy snaps a photo of everyone in their infamous booth, and isn’t that familiar? The intro comes full circle and reminds us just how special this friendship really is.