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VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Taryn Crankshaw
Some of these are... interesting choices. For this list, we'll be looking at the best movies that earned both Academy Awards and musical adaptations. Our countdown includes "Rocky", "Beetlejuice", "Frozen" and more!

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Oscar-Winning Films That Were Made Into Musicals. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best movies that earned both Academy Awards and musical adaptations. Which Oscar-winning film would you like to see adapted for Broadway? Let us know in the comments.

#10: “Rocky” (1976)

In 1976, "Rocky" took the world by storm. The low-budget sports flick about an underdog boxer from Philadelphia was a box office hit and snagged numerous Academy Awards. It was most notably named Best Picture. Decades later, Broadway wanted in on "Rocky"’s knockout success. The movie's writer and star, Sylvester Stallone, even served as book co-writer. “Rocky the Musical” went on to debut in Germany, before gracing the Winter Garden Theatre stage for the first time in 2014. 188 performances later, the show threw in the towel – but not before earning a Tony for its elaborate set that put audiences front and center for its climatic boxing match.

#9: “Shrek” (2001)

Orges, donkeys and dragons, oh my! As the very first winner of the Best Animated Feature Oscar, this DreamWorks fairytale (and its sequels) had all the right ingredients to strike musical theater gold. In 2008, Brian d'Arcy James and Sutton Foster stepped into the roles of Shrek and Princess Fiona. The great cast, Tony Award-winning costumes and show-stopping numbers immersed audiences into the fantastical story. Over a year later, the show’s story ended happily ever after on Broadway, but found new life on tour and in the West End. A recording of "Shrek The Musical" also made its way to Netflix, allowing theater fans to revisit the beloved tale over and over again.

#8: “An American in Paris” (1951)

By winning the Best Picture (and many other) Oscars, "An American in Paris" cemented its place in cinematic history. The Gene Kelly-led flick is about a group of friends living and falling in love in the City of Light, the musical comedy features classic songs like "I Got Rhythm" and "'S Wonderful,” with George Gershwin’s music practically begging to be brought to life on stage. In 2014, a musical adaptation premiered in Paris — where else? Soon, Broadway came calling and "An American in Paris" found a home at the Palace Theatre. After a successful run and 4 Tonys, the musical continued to mesmerize audiences with a tour and West End production.

#7: “Beetlejuice” (1988)

In 1988, Tim Burton introduced audiences to their favorite vulgar demonic bio-exorcist, Betelgeuse. Thanks to its wacky plot and Michael Keaton's unforgettable performance as the vulgar title character, the film made quite an impression. It won an Oscar for Makeup and enjoyed a robust afterlife thanks to an animated show and video games. However, "Beetlejuice's" reign of mayhem didn't end there. The flick eventually became a musical and set its sights on Broadway, opening in 2019 with Alex Brightman as the ghost with the most. With delightfully funny and macabre songs by Eddie Perfect and a fleshed-out story for the character of Lydia, the musical was a treat. "Beetlejuice" gave theatergoers the "Fright of Their Lives" for a considerable time, with an impressive 679 Broadway performances to its name.

#6: “Once” (2007)

Grab your tissues, because this musical drama pulls on both the guitar and heart strings. In 2007, the Irish hit "Once" touched audiences with its poignant story about two musicians falling in love at the wrong time. Its signature tune, "Falling Slowly," earned Oscar gold for Best Original Song. With an affecting soundtrack and moving story, the movie had all the right ingredients to be a major theatrical success. And soon enough — 2012 to be exact — "Once" was indeed being performed on a Broadway stage. Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti played Guy and Girl, and the show cleaned up at the Tonys, winning the Best Actor, Best Orchestrations, and Best Musical awards, among others.

#5: “Frozen” (2013)

It was only a matter of time before a mega popular movie like "Frozen" would be adapted for Broadway. The animated Disney phenomenon won Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the 86th Oscars. In 2018, its stage version opened at Broadway's St. James Theatre. The film's songwriters, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, returned to craft the tunes, while actresses Patti Murin and Caissie Levy portrayed Anna and Elsa. On top of that, the elaborate set design and stagecraft techniques like projections transported audiences to Arendelle. The result was a refreshing take on the beloved story. While the musical’s Broadway run has ended, it continues to touch people, notably on the West End.

#4: “Beauty and the Beast” (1991)

It's a tale as old as time...a film achieves success, and Broadway comes knocking! Indeed, Disney took their filmmaking magic and brought it to the stage by adapting "Beauty and the Beast." The 1991 film was awarded Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Song. Not just that, it was nominated for Best Picture, a first for a feature-length animated movie. On both screen and stage, "Beauty and the Beast" was a blockbuster. It opened on Broadway in 1994, closing years later in 2007. From tours to international and regional productions, the musical remains a fan favorite to this day. It even opened the door for other Disney flicks like “Aladdin” to find homes onstage.

#3: “Sunset Boulevard” (1950)

Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard" created one of the most iconic lines ever captured on film. The dark story of a Hollywood screenwriter attempting to revive a silent film actress’ career won Oscars for its Art Direction, Score, and Screenplay. And multiple attempts were made to take it from the screen to the stage. Even the late Stephen Sondheim was interested at one point, but ultimately, the material ended up with Andrew Lloyd Webber. A production opened in London's West End in the early ‘90s, with Patti LuPone portraying Norma Desmond. Glenn Close would then go on to play the character for a time on Broadway. The show notably won Close her third Tony Award overall, and her first for Best Actress in a Musical.

#2: “Moulin Rouge!” (2001)

Regarded for his signature brand of pizzazz, Baz Luhrmann knows how to take a story and turn it into a party. His jukebox musical triumph, "Moulin Rouge!" captivated viewers with its high energy plot and soundtrack. And it achieved Oscar status by winning Best Production Design and Best Costumes. So Broadway was a logical step to take eventually. The stage version debuted at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in 2019, with Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit in the lead roles. Many fell hard for the passionate love story, as evidenced by the multiple Tony wins, including Best Musical and Best Actor. As of 2022, “Moulin Rouge!” is still serving high kicks on Broadway, and worldwide with tours as well as international productions.

#1: “The Lion King” (1994)

From Pride Rock to Broadway, Simba and the crew proved why this story never gets old. Indeed, Disney's "The Lion King" rarely fails to be a roaring success. Having already won two Academy Awards for Best Score and Original Song, the 1994 animated classic made its Broadway debut in 1997. Directed by Julie Taymor and featuring new and old songs by Elton John and Tim Rice (among others), the Tony-winning musical blew audiences away with its music, innovative costume design, and puppetry. As of 2022, "The Lion King'' is the third longest-running show to have ever graced a Broadway stage, having grossed over $1 billion total. Hakuna Matata, indeed!