Easy Recipe: Patriotic Pie for the Fourth of July

Independence Day just wouldn’t be the same without a festive barbecue filled with family and friends, and that barbecue wouldn’t be complete without pie. While apple is the traditional and expected choice, maybe this is the year to try something different. Our pie boasts the wow factor that your apple pie is lacking: colorful gelatin layers pay homage to the red, white and blue. So if it’s a simple, beautiful and tasty recipe you’re looking for to share at your next Independence Day celebrations, this is the dessert for you. In this video, WatchMojo.com shows you a super simple recipe for a Patriotic Pie that will definitely wow at your next Fourth of July barbecue.

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Recipe: How to Make a Patriotic Pie for the Fourth of July

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe for your Independence Day picnic, make sure you have some of the red, white and blue.


- 1 ½ cups boiling water
- 1 package of blue berry-flavored gelatin
- 1 cup ice cubes
- 1 (6 ounce) Graham Pie Crust
- 1 package of any red flavor gelatin
- 1 cup thawed Cool Whip


1. Dissolve the blue gelatin in ¾ of a cup of the boiling water, and keeping stirring it for at least two minutes to make sure it’s completely dissolved.
2. Now add ½ cup of the ice cubes, and stir until the ice has completely melted.
3. Next, pour the blue gelatin into your prepared pie crust, and refrigerate it for at least ten minutes until it is set.
4. Meanwhile, stir the remaining ¾ cup boiling water into the red gelatin powder, and keep stirring for at least two minutes until the crystals have dissolved.
5. Next, add a ½ cup of ice cubes, and stir until they have completely melted.
6. Allow the red gelatin to firm a little at room temperature for about five minutes or until it’s slightly thick.
7. When the blue gelatin has set, remove the pie crust from the fridge and gently spread the Cool Whip over that layer.
8. Now carefully cover the Cool Whip with the red gelatin.
9. Keep your finished pie in the fridge for at least two hours so it sets completely.
Try changing up the colors of gelatin for different holiday celebrations: for example, orange and purple would work great together for Halloween, while red and Christmas are festive holiday hues.

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