7 Things You Should Know About Fear 3

The spine-tingling epic of action, tension and terror returns! The original game told the story of a Special Forces team called “F.E.A.R.” that was called in to contain an escalating supernatural phenomenon. Now, players must once again take on the role of the Point Man. This sequel takes place nine months after the first game, after having destroyed the secret facility containing the source of the paranormal menace. Despite this, the little girl's deadly psychic influence managed to survive, and has begun spilling into reality. Moreover, your brother, a once dead enemy has come back to join you in your hunt for your newly discovered sibling. Join WatchMojo.com as we fill you in on everything you should know about Fear 3.

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7 Things You Should Know About FEAR 3

The spine-tingling epic of action, tension and terror returns! Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’ll be filling you in on everything you should know about Fear 3, by Day 1 Studios and Warner Interactive.

Number 1: The Backstory

The original game told the story of a Special Forces team called “F.E.A.R.” that was called in to contain an escalating supernatural phenomenon.

As the team’s point man, equipped with superhuman reflexes, players had to locate the source of an escalating paranormal menace, which was revealed to be a tortured little girl named Alma Wade.

On his mission to find the secret facility where she was being held, the Point Man had to compete with a cannibalistic telepath named Paxton Fettel, and his battalion of clone super soldiers.

As it turned out, both Fettel and The Point Man were in fact children of the little girl, which was part of Project Origin, a series of perverse paranormal experiments.

At the same time, it was revealed that Fettel was being controlled by Alma to free her from her imprisonment, an act that would have unleashed her vengeance on the world in the form of deadly telepathic hallucinations.

Number 2: The Plot

Fear 3 picks up nine months after the first game, in which the Point Man had successfully killed Fettel and destroyed the secret facility. However, this victory came at the cost of ravaging the city and the death of many of your squad mates.

Despite this, Alma’s psychic influence somehow survived and has begun spilling into reality. Now, the city is being rocked by Alma’s return, which seems focused on securing the survival of her bloodline and reuniting her family.

As a result, you quickly come to question your allegiance when accompanied by your former enemy and brother, who appears to have similarly risen from the dead as a ghost, and won’t leave your side.
Unsure what you are, and intent on finding the third child of Alma, you must now battle against your former F.E.A.R squad and the scientific corporations security forces, who have learned of your paranormal blood ties, and are determined to kill you.

Number 3: Divergent Co-Op

For the first time ever, the series will now incorporate 2-player co-op. As a result, you and a friend will play as the Point Man and Paxton Fettel. Playing together, you’ll each have a separate set of terrifying paranormal abilities, which requires you to strategize and work together to accomplish your goals.

Number 4: Gameplay

The controls for the Point Man remain largely unchanged from the first game, complete with his ability to cover and take on enemies while slowing time. However, the second player will now make use of being an incorporeal being to wield telekinesis and possession to work their way through the levels.

Number 5: Generative Scare System

Adding to the intensity and scares found in the game is the new use of a system that changes the placement and timing of enemies on each play-through. This means that in addition to being a source of terror this time out yourself, the game will still try and scare you with random frightening encounters.

And as always, Fear’s atmosphere comes from the style of Japanese horror films, with sound effects created to be unpredictable and run shivers down your spine.

Number 6: Mech Suits

A defining feature of the Fear series is its use of mech armor, which you can commandeer from the enemy. Taking things up a notch, Fear 3 packs two variants of these mobile “Power Armor” platforms.

These include the enemy’s standard “PA” suit that packs two auto-cannons loaded with explosive rounds and a shoulder mounted energy weapon capable of igniting objects. Meanwhile, the enhanced version, called the “EPA” is slower, but includes far more firepower, such as dual chain guns and a ballistic missile system.

Number 7: Multiplayer Modes

Adding a considerable appeal to the franchise is the latest inclusion of multiplayer modes.

The first of these is aptly called “F**king Run”, and is centered on Alma’s wall of death chasing your FEAR squad. This forces you and others to reach various checkpoints. If one of your teammates die, its game over, so you must all work together.

The second “survival” mode has you and your squad hold off against 20 waves of Alma’s minions. As a result, you must together build barricades and keep your guns fully loaded. The longer you survive, the more a fog will circle you, making it harder to see your enemies.

The third mode, called “Soul Survivor” takes on the same structure. However, Alma will corrupt one of your teammates. Once that happens, they will try and break you off from the squad in order to corrupt you as well. The last squad member alive will win the game.

And finally, “King Soul” starts off all gamers as a spectre, and you must compete with each other by possessing and killing the most computer-controlled humans in the time allowed.


Available for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Fear 3 is a unique action-horror adventure that has you become the monster on a quest to find your remaining family member.

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