Travel Guide: Dallas, Texas

Found in the Lone Star State of Texas, Dallas is an important city in the southern United States. Long considered part of a significant region, historically the city was important due to its oil and cotton industries. Even today it is a hub of business and commerce, as well as a bustling metropolis. With high-end shopping, museums and galleries, all in the presence of warm weather year-round, Dallas is one place you’re sure to be "Living Large." In this video, continues our travel series with a look at Dallas, Texas. Footage Courtesy of Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau. 

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Living Large

Found in North Texas, and the South Central region of the United States, Dallas is a major hub of the country’s Southern region. The city’s population of roughly 1.3 million is spread out over the 385 square miles it covers.


The state’s third-largest city, Dallas is part of the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. that is not found on a traversable waterway. However, Trinity River flows through the city, and the length of this river lies entirely within the state of Texas. The city of Dallas boasts relatively flat terrain.

An Important Business Center

Incorporated as a city in 1856, Dallas has long been an influential area. A historically important city due to its oil and cotton production, today Dallas remains a vital center for commerce and business.

Weather and Climate

In terms of climate, Dallas features relatively warm weather. Summer temperatures can border on scorching, while winter temps usually remain mild. Pleasant weather comes in both Spring and Fall, and is the perfect setting for the Texas State Fair. Dallas is also lucky not to have a hurricane season.

Downtown Dallas

The Dallas city center is home to a number of huge skyscrapers, and also features some notable pieces of architecture dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Design styles vary, and cover a diverse cross-section of periods. Neighborhoods nearby the downtown core reflect different lifestyles as well, including a bohemian art area, family-friendly region and even a historically-significant space.

As one of the major cities in the Lone Star State, Dallas is a great place to visit for a picture of pure Americana.

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