Superhero Origins: Emma Frost

She first appeared in the Uncanny X-Men comics, as a mutant telepath with a dry wit. Initially known as the White Queen, complete with a revealing white costume, she has undergone significant changes since her inception. This includes switching from one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes to one of its closest allies. Initially using her powers of mind control to gain vast amounts of wealth, she was later invited to join a secret organization of the elite. Discovering their plan to eliminate all mutants, she allied with a fellow mutant to seize control of the group. At the same time, she created her own mutant academy and clashed with the X-Men repeatedly. Eventually wounded by a menacing threat, she willed her estate to Charles Xavier and the X-Men, trusting enemy mutants over humans. Awaking, she soon discovered that she had more in common with her former enemies then she once thought. At the same time she began having a psychic affair with Cyclops and discovered that she had a second mutation, the ability to form a protective diamond skin. In this video, takes a look at the complicated and intriguing origin story of the White Queen, Emma Frost.

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