Video Game Showdown: Master Chief Vs. Noble Six

Evaluated based on five categories, the Halo universes most dangerous and skilled super soldiers will throw it down to see who is the better Spartan of the UNSC. As the protectors of humanity from the forces of the Covenant, they will be judged based on reputation, identity, abilities, allies and achievements. Join as we host this epic showdown between Halo's iconic green-clad Master Chief and franchise newcomer and final hero of Reach, Noble Six.

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Video Game Showdown: Master Chief Vs. Noble Six

They’re both super soldiers charged with saving humanity from the alien forces of the covenant. Welcome to and in this showdown, the iconic Master Chief will throw it down with franchise newcomer Noble 6 to see who is the better Spartan.

Round 1: Reputation

Longtime fans of the Halo series automatically associate the franchise with Chief Petty Officer John-117, commonly referred to as the Master Chief.

After all, he is the last Spartan super soldier still in active service after the fall of Reach, and is the main playable character throughout the original Halo trilogy.

On the other hand, Spartan 312 actually came on the scene before we ever saw the chief. A hyper-lethal assassin and lone wolf, his last tour of duty was as the sixth member of Noble Team in defense of Reach, the doomed human colony and stronghold of the UNSC.

Yet, as much as we admire the ill-fated hero, only a true badass reputation could produce the sheer amount of fear that the Chief has caused within the Covenant forces, so much in fact, that they call him a ‘demon.’

As far as rep is concerned, all hail the chief.

Round 2: Becoming the Hero

Chief is a mysterious and near-silent protagonist throughout the trilogy.

And as iconic as this is, Reach has shown us that becoming a Spartan is more engrossing when you can customize every aspect of the super soldier’s look, and even select their gender, complete with male or female voice-over.

Due to this ability to customize every aspect of your appearance, right down to the look of your suit’s shoulder pads, Six wins this round for providing a much more inclusive and personalized experience.

Round 3: Abilities

The Chief has become a gaming icon because of his use of dual wielding, as well as regenerating shields and health.

While Noble Six’s armor doesn’t feature regenerating health, he is capable of using several useful armor abilities. These allows him to fly using a deployable jetpack, sprint, create active camouflage, decoys, and even go into armor lock.

With each featuring very different strengths and weaknesses, we have to give this round a tie. Dual wielding and rebounding health is just as impressive to us when getting wailed on by the Covenant as the ability to fly.

Round 4: Allies

No hero can go it alone, and the company he keeps defines his importance.

Assisted by the artificial intelligence Cortana, the chief is constantly updated on his mission status and objectives. And fighting alongside a slew of marines, the Master Chief has led the charge to blast his way to victory on several occasions.

On the other hand, Noble Six fights alongside a bevy of equally impressive Spartans and often times misses out on his chance to shine in the grand scheme of things as the team’s noob.

While we love our fellow Spartans, as the main hero we don’t like to share the spotlight. As a result, we’re giving the chief the nod. Cortana and the marines are helpful and work to define the Chief’s importance, while Noble Team doesn’t allow Six to truly ever shine.

Round 5: Achievements

Credited with having single-handedly broken entire enemy organizations, Noble Six has made entire militia groups disappear, before fighting valiantly to the end in defense of Reach.

That being said, the last round goes to the Master Chief. An impressive career and heroic last stand just doesn’t hold up to the chief single-handedly preventing the destruction of Earth, as well as all sentient life in the galaxy.

The Winner:

It was a tough fight, but the Master Chief emerges victorious over the franchise newcomer to claim his place as the top Spartan in the Halo universe.

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