7 Things You Should Know About Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light

Discovering a two thousand year old Mayan legend about a powerful artifact called The Mirror of Smoke, Lara Croft sets out to discover its hidden location. Unfortunately, upon finding it a warlord and his band of mercenaries steal it from her and unwittingly released a demonic creature that had been trapped for over two millennia. As a result, Lara joins forces with Totec, the guardian of light in a quest to recapture the creature of darkness before the dawn, when its power will be fully restored. In this video, WatchMojo.com takes you through the 7 things you should know about Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light.

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7 Things You Should Know About Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light

The Tomb Raider series is taking a wild departure from its past. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be exploring the 7 things you should know about “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.”

Number 1: Franchise Changes

In a first for the series of action-adventure games, the heroine is ditching her “Tomb Raider” label in favor of a unique download-only spin-off series for the High Definition consoles and the PC, simply entitled “Lara Croft.”

Number 2: The Plot

The Guardian of Light centers on Lara discovering a two thousand year-old Central American legend about a battle between Totec, the Guardian of Light, and Xoloti, the keeper of darkness.

According to the Mayan legend, Xoloti defeated Totec's army by using a weapon called ‘the mirror of smoke’ which unleashed hordes of monsters.

Yet, Totec managed to trap him within the mirror, before taking on the form of an immortal stone statue so that he could watch over it. That is, until the day that Lara Croft discovered its location.

Unfortunately, a band of mercenaries and their warlord steal it from her and unwittingly released its prisoner. As a result, Totec joins Lara in a quest to recapture the creature before dawn, when its power will be fully restored.

Number 3: Gameplay

As a major departure for the series, the game will not be a third-person adventure. Instead, it will be a non-linear arcade-inspired action game using an isometric view and fixed camera.

As the tombs are explored, there will be booby-trapped puzzles to solve and hordes of enemies to fight. And to make things more exciting, there will be branching paths to choose from.

Number 4: The Protagonists:

The game’s most exciting feature is its introduction of two-player online and offline co-operative play. Selecting between Lara and Totec, each character will posses unique weapons and skills.

Lara will retain her iconic dual pistols with infinite ammo and a grappling hook.

Totec on the other hand will carry a shield, that can become a platform to stand on, and Spears that create pathways for her to climb. Plus, he will be able to drop bombs that can be detonated with a touch of a button and will prove useful in solving certain puzzles.

Number 5: Co-Operative Play

Players who prefer to go at it alone will be able to, while a second player will be able to drop-in or drop-out at anytime. However, when the game is played alone, the default character is Lara as she will have all the tools required to make it through the adventure by herself, as the map will be generated slightly differently.

Number 6: Game-Engine and Music

Carrying over much of the same team that worked on Tomb Raider: Underworld, Guardian of Light also uses much of the same game engine and music.

These modified assets include its in-game physics, character models, real-time lighting effects and musical scores.

With the focus on creating a fun and imaginative adventure, and not on creating all-new animations, the game benefits from this shift of focus. In fact, it won’t require any loading time what so ever.

Number 7: Downloadable Content

As a download-only title, the game will take up between 2 and 7 GB depending on your platform of choice. Available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, gamers will be able to expand their adventures with five optional downloadable content packs that boost the number of puzzles and maps available. In addition, these extras will feature two new alternate playable characters.


With its unique arcade-style gameplay, Lara Croft’s new focus on multiplayer action is sure to thrill adventure seekers while giving the franchise a much-needed change of pace.

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