7 Things You Should Know About Crackdown 2

In this rip-roaring sequel to the original Crackdown you again take on the role of the Agent. Dispatched to use your super human abilities and restore order with your squad of fellow agents, you must now face an incredibly deadly threat. Caught in a three way war between violent civilian anarchists and a mutated hoard of zombie-like creatures that are bent on devouring the remains of Pacific City, you must administer force in any way you see fit. Join WatchMojo.com as we take a look at the Xbox 360 exclusive title Crackdown 2 and its many single-player and cooperative features.

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7 Things You Should Know About Crackdown 2

The city is infected and you are the cure, Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’re taking a look at Crackdown 2.

Number 1: The Plot

Unlike the first game, you and your genetically enhanced crime-stopping colleagues will now find yourselves in a three-way war against a zombie-like virus and a radical civilian group.

Having suddenly infected the many inhabitants of Pacific City, you must save the survivors from the violent creatures that roam the streets, while disabling a violent civilian-run movement called “The Cell” that has decided to hold your agency responsible for the outbreak.

As a result, you’re tasked with both sabotaging their key structures, and attacking the many underground mutant tunnels.

Number 2: The Agent

Returning to the role of a super-human officer for the city-funded organization known as “The Agency”, you will return to the role of “The Agent.” Unlike before, you will now be given a great deal of freedom to customize your character, as well as the option to choose a preset character configuration.

Number 3: The Setting

In the sequel you’ll return to bust crime rings in Pacific City, however the city will be given a facelift and graphical upgrade. So while you’ll find the same streets and buildings from the first title, there will be various new additions and everything will have a modified aesthetic, in order to balance keeping things fresh and familiar.

Number 4: Power-Ups

Along with the need to collect power orbs in order to fuel your abilities, your skill-sets have been expanded and enhanced. Now, you can gain the agility skill, which allows your agent to jump higher than before, and you can use a special 'dash' maneuver when locked in combat.

Number 5: Enhanced Co-op

In response to popular demand, the franchise will now feature 4-player Co-op. As you’ll soon see, this is a dramatic step up from 2 player support and promises to make your missions much more engaging. So be sure to have a few friends ready to arm up, you’ll need them to carry out your many missions and survive the game’s many zombie-laden onslaughts.

Number 6: Multiplayer Battle Modes

As if 4-player co-op wasn’t enough, Crackdown 2’s battle modes will allow up to 16 players within three exciting modes. These include the standard free-for all deathmatch, team Deathmatch, and Rocket Tag. In this frantic mode you must survive while carrying an orb, while everyone on the map relentlessly tries to blow you up.

Number 7: Leveling-Up

In Crackdown 2, you’re rewarded for doing what you love. This means that you’ll level up your gunplay abilities with each series of kills, scaling buildings or simply hopping in your car and mowing down a group of freaks. And in turn, you’ll get stronger, faster and more capable of taking the fight to the enemy.


The world is yours to save, in whatever way you like. In Crackdown 2, you and your friends are the law, and Pacific City is your jurisdiction.

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