From Beloved Videogames To Mediocre Hollywood Movies

With the popularity of video games, it's no surprise that Hollywood has tried to exploit the genre numerous times since the early 90s. Unfortunately, the results have never broken free of being either severely horrific or borderline mediocre. In this video, takes a look back at the most famous video game movie adaptations, and examines the elements that have allowed certain translations to go on to make big dollars at the box-office, despite their low-quality, bad acting and detachment from their original subject matter and genre.

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From Beloved Games To Mediocre Hollywood Movies

Video games and movies are enjoyable forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, mixing the two has never really panned out. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at the sad history of video game movie adaptations.

There’s no better way to start then with the world’s most recognizable video game mascot, Mario. Coincidentally, the plumber also has the dubious honor of starring in the first ever attempt to adapt a game into a major Hollywood movie.

Launched in 1993, The Super Mario Bros. burst onto the silver screen under the tag line “This Ain’t No Game.” And boy was that painfully apparent right away as it altered just about every recognizable aspect of the game series. Earning half of what it cost to make, bad word of mouth exploded as it irritated average moviegoers and Nintendo fans alike.

Despite this, Hollywood didn’t learn their lesson and a string of game-based movies descended on cinemas in the hopes of striking a chord with players.

Leading the pack was 1994’s “Double Dragon.” Based on the popular arcade street brawler, the movie was anything but awesome. It featured cheesy over-the top acting, portrayed the twins as adopted brothers, and co-starred Robert Patrick as a Vanilla Ice inspired villain.

Soon after, “Street Fighter” arrived soon afterward and starred Van Dame in the title role. Surprisingly it made a killing at the worldwide box office and demonstrated that a tournament fighting game can become a wildly successful movie, despite delivering a real Hadooken in terms of quality.

In short order, its competitor franchise “Mortal Kombat” followed suit and equally dominated the box-office. Yet, it deserved credit for doing a much better job. Unfortunately, it’s horrific sequel Annihilated the promising film franchise with its incoherent plot, atrocious acting and need to stuff every scene with as many franchise characters as possible. As if that was bad enough, just about all of the actors were replaced from the first, as if we wouldn’t notice.

In 1999, a lackluster take on the interstellar combat series “Wing Commander” made its debut. And despite respectable effects it was unable to cash in on the popularity of its star Freddy Prinze Jr. Meanwhile, the Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider action-adventure franchise made two profitable box-office entries due to the sex appeal of Angelina Jolie.

Famously, 2001’s “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” then made headlines for pushing the limits of CGI, but deliver nothing more then a tech demo. Meanwhile, “Resident Evil” turned a survival-horror game into an unremarkable action flick, due to its sexy star Milla Jovovich, resulting in the wretched movie-adaptation getting three sequels.

Still, nothing could have damaged the chances of getting a good video game adaptation like the arrival of B-movie director Uwe Boll. In his wake he produced such unwatchable films as “Alone In The Dark”, “BloodRayne” and “FarCry.”

Oddly, mainstream Hollywood seemed to go head to head with the never ending series of flops by releasing equally bad flicks with A-List actors, such as “Doom” starring The Rock, “Hitman” played by Timothy Olyphant”, and “Max Payne” starring Mark Whalberg.”

Yet in 2010, Disney released their big budget film adaptation of “Prince of Persia” starring Jake Gyllenhaul, in a film meant to faithfully represent its subject matter, and restore quality to the genre.

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