Top 10 Most Hilarious Louis C.K. Moments

Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

Louis C.K.’s funniest moments are spread across the stand-up stage, late night talk show appearances and his series Louie. Whether he’s dealing with hecklers, talking about a kid he hates that he calls “Jizanthapus” or talking about how everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy, Louis C.K.’s best moments are smart, funny and thought-provoking. WatchMojo counts down ten of Louis C.K.’s best jokes ever.

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Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

Top 10 Most Hilarious Louis C.K. Moments

He’s crude; he’s crass and has absolutely no shame whatsoever. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Louis CK Moments.

For this list, we’ve scoured this raunchy comedian’s offbeat portfolio of work – from his stand-up performances to his television series and everything in between – and have ranked the best moments based upon how unforgettably shocking and hilarious they are.

#10: On the Count of Three
“Louie” (2010-)

While Louie is considered a professional comedian, the act of standing in front of hundreds of people with the intention of making them collectively laugh is no small feat. Heck, sometimes trying to tickle just one person’s funny bone is a challenge, especially when you’re on the spot. To land a gig as a talk show host, Louie must prove himself to be a funny person by impressing an executive, played by film director David Lynch. The scene plays out awkwardly, cause Louie is absolutely stumped about what to say. He does come up with something, but it’s a strange sentence that mixes both insults and stupidity. Even so, it somehow helps his case.

#9: Why?
“One Night Stand” (1989-92; 2005)

Children are wonderful. Children are also exhausting. Why? Well, that one word is one of the main reasons ‘why’. Louis recounts an instance with one his daughters, when she repeatedly asked him ‘why’ to discover the many reasons why life and reality are the way they are. While it’s fantastic that children are curious and want to learn, Louis hits the hammer right on the head as to why this process can become mundane and infuriating pretty fast. Nobody knows everything, yet your child expects you to, placing you in a seemingly never-ending conversation. In this case, it probably leaves Louis questioning ‘why’ he had kids in the first place.

#8: Louie vs. Dane
“Louie” (2010-)

There’s a lot of competition in the world of standup comedy, and as you can imagine, if one comedian thinks another comedian has stolen his material and tried to pass it off as his own, there’ll be some animosity on both sides. Dane Cook was at one point a top standup act, but when the internet began to slam him for taking Louis’ jokes, it tarnished his once prestigious image. Well, in an episode of “Louie,” the two comedians address this issue head-on, face-to-face. And, considering how touchy this subject is with comedians, it’s a pretty ballsy scene. Plus, we just love seeing Dane and Louie interact – fake argument or not.

#7: Jizanthapus
“Live at the Beacon Theater” (2011)

No, that’s not a real word. But it should be added to the dictionary to describe bratty children everywhere based on Louis’ retelling of his immense hatred for a 6-year-old boy. Louis’ rant starts off by summarizing how horribly behaved Jizanthapus really is, and how his mom doesn’t even bother stopping him. In true Louis fashion, things take a dark turn when he tells us what he’d do to protect his daughter from this nightmare child and his plan is…quite something. As he puts it: “you’ve got to protect your kids” and if the best way is to confuse a bully’s father sexually, then so be it.

#6: Art Gallery
“Louie” (2010-)

Louie and Pamela go out for a date and instead of opting for the more traditional ‘dinner and a movie’, they go to a modern art museum. The experience is…different, to say the least. As they move through the exhibit, the pieces on display become increasingly strange, with an eerily consistent theme relating to the human body and vile subject matter. And the look on Louie’s face as he walks past giant, dirty cotton swabs or grown men in their underwear shows that he’s as confused as we are. But, her: maybe we just don’t “get it.”

#5: The Heckler
“Louie” (2010-)

One of the most infuriating things for a stand-up comedian is a heckler. Here you are, trying to do your job when suddenly some random jerk in the audience feels compelled to talk over you or yell something rude. It brings the whole show to a grinding halt, but you better believe the person onstage won’t back down. This scene captures why it’s an awful idea to try and one up the person holding the microphone. A comedian is trained to be witty and to create brutal comebacks if necessary, and Louie lets them fly at the heckler, showing how quickly the tables can turn in a situation like this.

#4: Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy
“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (1993-2009)

We live in the future! We have so many fascinating and useful technologies to help us with just about everything. Need to learn something? Internet. Need to get in touch with someone? Phone. Need to travel far away? Planes, trains and automobiles. Yet despite all of these conveniences, humanity somehow still complains that these amazing things aren’t amazing enough. On one of his appearances on “Late Night,” Louis told Conan about a time when the wi-fi went out on a flight. The moral of the story? Maybe we all need to rethink how bad our first world problems really are.

#3: Helicopter Escape
“Louie” (2010-)

Every guy’s been there: sometimes, you just have trouble finding the words you need to charm the ladies. Well, that’s where Louie is in this scene, trying desperately to stitch together some half-decent statement that’ll hopefully win her over. However, what’s even more important than finding the right words is finding the right time to move in for a kiss. Unfortunately, Louie doesn’t go about this in the most ‘graceful’ way, causing the woman he’s with to panic and bolt. And she doesn’t just run; she goes for the kinda ‘far away’ escape that involves a helicopter. Alrighty then.

#2: Suck a Bag of Dicks
“Shameless” (2007)

We’ve all gotten mad and shouted insults as a means of venting our rage. But of all the colorful curses available to you, has it ever crossed your mind to tell someone to “suck a bag of dicks”? It’s a bizarre statement, and it paints a weird mental picture that Louis is more than happy to describe for us. In fact, he’s actually got a lot of questions about what sucking a bag of dicks means or even looks like. In the end, it’s a phrase that perplexed Louis to no end and paved way to one of his funniest bits ever.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions…
- Abortions
“2017” (2017)

- Raping Hitler
“Shameless” (2007)

- Gay People
“Shameless” (2007)

#1: Of Course… But Maybe
“Oh My God” (2013)

No human is perfect; we all straddle the line between positive and negative, good and bad. But usually, we keep our bad thoughts inside because we like to portray ourselves as good people. Well, Louis breaks down all those walls and calls attention to the devil on his shoulder, exposing the dark side of the human psyche in what is arguably his most hilarious and blunt joke ever. Hearing him speak in his usual obscenities definitely brings the chuckles, but this bit is also surprisingly thought provoking about human behavior and leaves us with palpable food for thought.

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