Top 10 Best Looking Guys from RuPaul’s Drag Race

Script written by Trevor Fonvergne Some of these queens may be pure fish, but out of drag they’re hot dudes! Zavion Davenport aka Chi Chi Devayne, Jason Carrion aka April Carrion, Sutan Amrull aka Raja, Andy Trinidad aka Lineysha Sparx, James Leyva aka Valentina, David Petruschin aka Ravin, Danny Noriega aka Adore Delano, and Daniel Donigan aka Milk are some of hottest guys that have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race!

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Top 10 Hottest Guys from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

It takes a special kind of guy to be both a beautiful woman and a handsome man. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 hottest guys from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

For this list, we’re looking at the reality competition series’ contestants out of drag to find the most attractive, most charming dudes behind the girls. We’ll be talking about their runs on the show, so to be safe, we’re gonna slap a mild spoiler alert on here.

#10: Zavion Davenport aka Chi Chi DeVayne

This southern belle enchanted audiences not only for her unique and unabashed southern charm, but also for her adorable looks as a boy. Rising from trash queen to glamor queen, we all followed her story and empathized with the sweetheart. The sass, those eyes, the talent and the compassion make Chi Chi a quadruple threat that anyone would love to hang out with.

#9: Roy Haylock aka Bianca Del Rio
One of the show’s most iconic queens, Bianca is known for her insult humor. There’s not much of a difference between the Bianca persona and Roy himself, which means he can read you to filth while at the same time exuding a sweetness, which is best exemplified by her friendship with Adore Delano. This cutie’s endless charm nabbed her the crown, and we certainly haven’t seen the end of this legend. Although we certainly miss seeing that face sans makeup…!

#8: Jason Carrión aka April Carrión

January, February, March… but most importantly, April. This adorably accented Puerto Rican queen made it rain in her admittedly short run, and she even shared a brief flirtation-ship with Adam Lambert. Her facial features look like they could have been sculpted by Michelangelo himself, and outside of the race, Her facial features look like they could have been sculpted by Michelangelo himself, and outside of the race, Jason proves he can look sexy with some scruff too. Serving one of the most incredible dualities in “Drag Race,” she has had a modelling career both in and out of drag, and we gotta respect her for not relying on those looks, because let’s be honest, she could have gagged the judges with just that pretty face.

#7: Sutan Amrull aka Raja

Raja set the bar high for later queens with her sickening looks and performances. But in addition to that, she’s tall, dark and handsome. Though she’s certainly aware of her hotness and talent, she’s never cocky and always kind, but doesn’t hesitate to throw some good-natured shade. A legendary makeup artist, she serves androgyny and sex appeal like no other, snatching the season three crown. Raja is a beautiful queen, and Sutan is an equally beautiful guy.

#6: Andy Trinidad aka Lineysha Sparx

Despite struggling with a language barrier in season five, it only made this hottie even more lovable. This Puerto Rican clothing designer was able to transform herself into a beautiful woman with sickening makeup skills. She serves body-ody-ody and gag-worthy lip syncs, getting major attention from audiences because of her out-of-drag sexiness and Latin American charm. Those eyes are quite simply hypnotizing and that gorgeous face serves fish and steamy beauty. Honestly, it's hard to choose between Lineysha or Andy, but Mr. Trinidad has face for days, leaving viewers mesmerized throughout the entire run.

#5: James Leyva aka Valentina

Season nine’s Miss Congeniality-er, Fan Favorite winner had viewers talking all season. This wasn’t just because of her apparent talent and charisma, but her duality of being both a beautiful woman and a very handsome man. Proving her drag savvy again and again all the while flashing that engrossing smile at every opportunity, it’s no wonder she was so beloved. She knew how to utilize her good looks to her advantage in every challenge and every runway. After all, she’s perfect, she’s beautiful, and she looks like Linda Evangelista. Viewers hated to see her leave so soon, but hopefully it teaches her a lesson about covering up that pretty face.

#4: David Petruschin aka Raven

Raven may be a two-time runner up, but she stole our hearts nonetheless. Terri Nunn had the right idea when she flirted with the Russian hottie. That body and those sharp features combine to make this exquisitely handsome man, but also a highly impactful style of drag. She works the runway like a true queen, serving face and comedy. Talented, but modest, you’d love to share a drink with her, and her friendship with Jujubee may be one of the series’ most adorable friendships. Raven’s legacy will likely not be forgotten, and neither will those rocking snakebites.

#3: Adore Delano aka Danny Noriega

Adore blew onto the scene in the sixth season with a unique drag aesthetic and a charming personality-both of which led to great success in the competition. Not to mention, she’s quite the cutie as a guy. Striking up one of the series’ most precious friendships with Bianca, she’s considered one of the most likable queens to enter the workroom. Despite a rough run on All-Stars 2, you have to respect her for sticking to her style, even if we didn’t get to see her onscreen for much longer. There’s no doubt that Adore’s name is appropriate, as she’s absolutely Adore-able.

#2: Matthew James Lent aka Pearl

Pearl easily takes the title of most “flasé da” queen to grace the runway. As if providing some of season seven’s most memorable soundbites weren’t enough, she did it with perfectly coiffed hair and looks that could kill. It seemed like we wouldn’t be seeing much of Pearl’s cute little face at the beginning of the season, but after coming out of her shell she slayed the competition, landing in the season’s top three. With a strangely aloof yet simultaneously charming personality, Pearl seems like she would be just as fun to talk to as she is to look at.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

Sasha Velour

Alexander “Sasha” Hedges Steinberg

Alexis Michelle

Alex Michaels

Kimora Blac

Von Nguyen

#1: Daniel Donigan aka Milk

This is one tall glass of milk. One of the tallest queens to enter the competition, Milk showed an artsy drag style that didn’t vibe with all the other contestants. However, when she steps out from under the wig and wipes away the makeup it reveals one sexy man. That pointed nose and muscular body don’t make her the fishiest queen, but that’s why fans loved her drag. The nose is to die for, and she became a fan favorite both for her drag and for her outlandish hotness. Maybe Milk could return in a later season as a member of the Pit Crew? One can hope.

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