Top 10 SHOCKING Real Life Revenge Stories

Script written by Clayton Martino.

There have been some brutal revenge crimes in history. Whether it’s Aaron Burr seeking vengeance on his nemesis Alexander Hamilton, the REAL Count of Monte Cristo Pierre Picaud or Buford Pusser, whose quest inspired the movie “Walking Tall,” some people take revenge to a whole new level. WatchMojo counts down ten revenge crime stories that prove payback’s a bitch.

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Script written by Clayton Martino.

Sure, learning to let things go might be easier, but these guys… just had to get even. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Real Life Cases of Revenge.

For this list, we’re looking at real occasions when individuals took justice into their own hands or sought retribution outside the law. Some of these cases feel righteous while other clearly cross the line, but we’ll let you be the judge.

#10: Pierre Picaud
The Real Count of Monte Cristo

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is one of the greatest revenge stories in literary history. And though it’s a work of fiction, the main character, Edmond Dantès, is said to be based on a real man named Pierre Picaud. A 19th-century shoemaker from southern France, Picaud was falsely accused of being an English spy by his alleged friends. Following years of forced servitude, Picaud was released, and, after some careful plotting, murdered the three men who’d betrayed him. He was particularly ruthless in dealing with Loupian, the man who’d married his former fiancée. Picaud tricked the man’s children into lives of crime before finally stabbing their father to death.

#9: Alexander ‘Alec’ Turner
The Ex-Slave Who Got Even

Reminiscent of a real-life version of Django, Alec Turner was born into slavery on a Virginia tobacco plantation in 1845. At a young age, he was taught to read and write in secret by the plantation owner’s granddaughter. They were eventually caught however, and Turner was badly beaten and whipped. Eventually able to escape at the start of the Civil War, Turner joined the Union Army. In 1863, Turner returned to his old plantation with his regiment and personally shot and killed his former overseer. He survived the war, eventually settling on a farm in Vermont, appropriately named “Journey’s End.”

#8: Nakam
The Jewish Avengers

Understandably, many people were dissatisfied with the result of Nuremberg Trials, where only 24 individuals were indicted. And so, a group formed named Nakam, shortened from “Dam Yehudi Nakam” or “Jewish Blood Will Be Avenged,” with the goal of seeking their own form of justice. The group poisoned 3,000 loaves of bread that were being sent to an American PoW camp, intended for former SS members. Over 2,000 prisoners were reportedly made ill, but, to the retroactive disappointment of former Nakam member Joseph Harmatz, there were no confirmed fatalities. According to some members, however, the group had originally desired to kill six million Germans by poisoning the water supplies of the country’s main cities.

#7: Frank Eaton
The Man Who Avenged His Pa

Born in the mid-19th century in Connecticut, Frank Eaton moved to Kansas with his family when he was eight years old. Around this time, his vigilante father was killed by six ex-Confederate soldiers. A family friend told Eaton “My boy, may an old man’s curse rest upon you, if you do not try to avenge your father”. Frank began training, quickly earned the nickname “Pistol Pete”, and was said to be faster on the draw than Buffalo Bill. As the story goes, he managed to seek out and kill five of the murderers before he turned 30, with the last, John Ferber, escaping Eaton’s wrath only by dying before Eaton could get to him.

#6: Aaron Burr
The Vice-President Who’d Had Enough

We’ve heard of political rivalries before, but nothing quite like this. Both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were big players on the political stage at the turn of the 19th-century. Burr had gone up against Thomas Jefferson for the Presidential nomination, but lost, thanks in part to Hamilton’s influence. A few years later, Burr ran for Governor of New York, only to once again see his ambitions dashed by the counter-efforts of Hamilton, who campaigned aggressively against him. Fed up, Burr, who was still Vice-President at the time, challenged Hamilton to a duel. The pair met in Weehawken, New Jersey, and Hamilton was mortally wounded.

#5: Buford Pusser
The Sheriff Who Walked Tall

During his time as sheriff of McNairy County, Buford Pusser waged a one-man war on crime, focusing primarily on the State Line Mob, which operated along the border of Mississippi and Tennessee. Naturally this didn’t sit well with the gang, who severely wounded Pusser and murdered his wife in a drive-by assassination attempt. Pusser’s ensuing quest for revenge inspired a trilogy of films in the ‘70s and a 2004 remake starring Dwayne Johnson. Though the exact details are largely obscured in mystery and rumor, various authors and local law enforcement have suggested that Pusser had a hand in the killing of three of the four men he accused of being behind his wife’s death.

#4: Carl V. Ericsson
The Retiree Who Really Held a Grudge

High school can be a difficult time, particularly if you aren’t considered one of the so-called “popular kids.” Carl Ericsson experienced this firsthand when he was the victim of a cruel prank. While exact details of the incident are unclear, it did involve a jockstrap being placed on Ericsson’s head in front of a group of students. Ericsson blamed Norman Johnson for the prank, and took the idea that “revenge is a dish best served cold” a little too far. He waited over 50 years to get even, confronting Johnson and killing him in his home in 2012. Both men were in their 70s, and Ericsson was given a life sentence for his crime.

#3: Jared Harris
The Avenging Amateur Tattoo Artist

Prison is a rough place in general, but for those who’ve been convicted of crimes against children… it is living hell. Back in 2006, Anthony R. Stockelman was sentenced to life in prison after molesting and murdering 10-year-old Katie Collman. To the ignorance of officials, Stockelman was placed in the very same prison as Katie’s older cousin, Jared Harris, who was serving time for burglary. From what investigators could put together, it seems that Harris cornered Stockelman, and with the help of other inmates, tattooed the words found on the inmate’s forehead the next morning. The script in question? “KATIE’S REVENGE”.

#2: Lorena Bobbitt
The Knife-Wielding Wife Who Refused to be the Victim Anymore

We’ve heard of volatile marriages before, but this case caught the attention of the international community. According to Lorena Bobbitt, she’d suffered various forms of abuse at the hands of her husband for years, and on the night that she finally snapped, had been raped by him. That was June 23rd, 1993, a date ex-hubby John Wayne Bobbitt is unlikely to ever forget. While her husband slept, Lorena took a carving knife from the kitchen and cut off his penis, drove several miles, and threw it into a field. It was eventually found after an extensive search and reattached during an over-9 hour operation.

#1: Akku Yadav
The Accused Rapist Who Met Mob Justice

In 2004, Akku Yadav, real name Bharat Kalicharan, was standing trial in India. Yadav was a locally known rapist and murderer, having allegedly raped over 200 women during a 10-year span, and reportedly murdered at least three individuals. The women of Kasturba Nagar, where Yadav was from, had finally had enough. A lynch mob of around 200 women interrupted the proceedings and assaulted Yadav. They reportedly threw chilli powder in his face, stabbed him over 70 times and cut off his penis. While several women were arrested, it seems that all were eventually released due to lack of evidence.

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