Top 10 Comic Book Themed Music Videos

Written by Zach Collier Everyone wishes they were superheroes - even famous musicians. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Comic Book Themed Music Videos. Got a suggestion for our next video? Head over to WatchMojo.comsuggest to submit your ideas today!

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Top 10 Comic Book Themed Music Videos

Everyone wishes they were superheroes - even famous musicians. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Comic Book Themed Music Videos.
For this list, we’re not just focusing on songs with superhero themes in the lyrics, or videos with people in capes. Videos animated to look like they’re from a comic book are fair game - even if no one has powers.

#10: “Breaking the Habit” (2004)
Linkin Park

Linkin Park’s DJ Joe Hahn is a huge anime fan, and studied illustration in college. He had always dreamed of being a filmmaker and after drawing many of the frames for this music video himself, he teamed up with anime artist Kazuto Nakazawa, and created this video for the band’s sophomore album. It tells the story of three people dealing with drugs and depression in a gritty urban high rise. Additionally, shots of Linkin Park performing were initially filmed, and then reanimated frame by frame in keeping with the video's anime style.

#9: “Bury It” (2016)
Chvrches feat. Hayley Williams

This cell-shaded music video was created by comic artist Jamie McKelvie, who’s known for his work with Marvel Comics, notably the Young Avengers series. In animated form, the band and guest vocalist Hayley Williams discover they have telekinetic powers. They start to levitate objects around them before figuring out how to levitate themselves. The rest of the video sees the four further mastering their powers until, in true superhero fashion, they then fly off into the distance.

#8: “Middle” (2015)
DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine

Fans of The Hunger Games will love this surreal music video. It features Josh Hutcherson - AKA Peeta Mellark - as a down-on-his luck superhero outcast. When he falls in love with a super-powered girl just like him, their relationship takes his abilities to a whole new level. Whether they’re actually super powered or not is left up to the viewer to decide - but the imagery and metaphor make for an emotional ride.

 #7: “Goodbye Mr. A” (2007)
The Hoosiers

Blending animation and live action scenes, this video is a great spoof of superhero pop culture - with nods to the 1960’s Batman TV show, Ghostbusters, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The band kidnaps the apparently world famous Mr. A and take him to their lair in a plot to replace him as the world’s greatest superheroes. It's a fairly simple plan. After suiting up in their Super Hoosiers gear, they strap him to a rocket and launch him into space. It’s weird in all the right ways.


#6: “Break the Ice” (2008)
Britney Spears

Britney’s superhero alter ego from the “Toxic” music video returns - this time in an animated music video directed by Robert Hales. Standing on a futuristic skyscraper, Spears launches into a free-fall, crashes through a skylight and interrupts a party. After fighting off suited henchmen, she breaks into a research laboratory and destroys a network of Britney clones. She then seduces the main villain and kills him with a kiss before the whole place explodes. It’s something you need to experience for yourself. So much style.

 #5: “Throw It on Me” (2007)
Timbaland feat. The Hives

Taking obvious cues from Frank Miller’s Sin City, this music video is shot in black, white, and red, and all the action takes place in fluid comic book frames. Set in Timb City, The Hives’ lead singer Pelle Almqvist announces the opening of the song from a wrestling ring set atop a skyscraper. The climax of the video features a battle between the Baby Faces and Extreme Exposé - wrestling teams made up of popular WWE Divas. Almqvist and Timbaland, acting as officiators, declare the winner of the battle at the end of the video. Sexy, stylized, and chaotic, this video is off the wall fun. 


#4: “All Star” (1999)

Mystery Men was a 1999 superhero comedy film about heroes with unimpressive powers who save the world. Given that song features in the film, a crossover was inevitable. The video begins with Smash Mouth’s lead singer, Steve Harwell, auditioning to join the Mystery Men, and then spending most of the video rescuing attractive women from danger. Through editing, the other band members are placed into scenes from the film - including one where they appear to be attacked by the film’s heroes, only to be rescued by Harwell. As goofy as the movie it’s based on, this video packed with heroic fun and 90's nostalgia.

#3: “Earthquake” (2013)
DJ Fresh and Diplo feat. Dominique Young Unique

This video features some impressive CGI and some brilliant costume designs that feel like they came straight out of Kick-Ass 2 - the movie the song appeared in. The gang walks confidently through New York as mayhem breaks loose behind them - including exploding cars, a loose wrecking ball, and a giant slime monster. The video even ends with proper film style credits, completing the style-parody. It’s as weird and dirty as the track’s synthesizers, and makes for a perfect match of sound and image.

#2: “Kryptonite” (1999)
3 Doors Down

Once a big time TV action hero in the 1950s, the protagonist of this music video is now a poor old man living in a rundown apartment building. Despite his change of circumstances, he still has a thing for running around in his undies and risking his life to save the day. When a sleazy abuser kidnaps a woman, the old man dons his uniform and gives chase - fighting off goths and eventually taking the bad guy down in a bar full of elderly people. Oddly inspirational, this grungy music video carries a beautiful message - you’re never too weak to do the right thing.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
“Black Rain” (2010)
“Hurts Like Heaven” (2012)
“Cape of Our Hero” (2013)

 #1: “Without Me” (2002)

Marshall Mathers has always been known for his sharp tongue, quick wit, and irreverent sense of humor. His take on the superhero genre, naturally, was definitely irreverent. Using comic book panels and captions and a costume inspired by the '60s Batman series, this music video tells the story of Eminem and Dr. Dre out to save a boy from listening to rap with explicit lyrics. Satire at its finest, you’ll never be able to get the image of Eminem wearing tights out of your brain for as long as you live.

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