Top 10 Best Kesha Songs

Take It Off, C’Mon, Blah Blah Blah, Sleazy, Blow, Die Young, Praying, Your Love is My Drug and TiK ToK are some of Kesha’s best songs! Though she’s been some hardship in the past year with her legal battle with ex record producer Dr. Luke. But through it all, Kesha has come out stronger than ever and her new album proves she is indeed a warrior.

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Top 10 Kesha Songs

Calling all the animals! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Kesha Songs. For this list we’re only looking at Kesha’s original songs which have appeared on her albums, so we’re not including covers or features like her part in Pitbull’s “Timber.”

#10: “Take It Off”
“Animal” (2010)

Not many artists can say they’ve had a song chart before it was announced as a single, but Kesha’s in that rare club thanks to this entry. It charted thanks to its strong digital sales, and later entered the top ten when it was officially released as a single. An infectious tune written after the performers at a drag show inspired Kesha, it’s a fun dance track with a pounding beat meant to get you moving. What’s more is that the single made Kesha only the eleventh female artist in history to have four top-tens from a debut album.

#9: “C’Mon”
“Warrior” (2012)

One of Kesha’s most inviting songs, “C’mon” is an invitation to let go and let loose for the night. Released as the official second single from her “Warrior” album, it’s a mix of her signature pop rock and techno groove that gets your blood pumping, and ready for a night of freedom and fun. The music video for the song perfectly matches her lyrics, with Kesha living it up as she dances with extras in animal costumes in a convenience store. Just like Kesha, it’s colorful and full of life and is a reminder to play once in awhile.

#8: “Blah Blah Blah” feat. 3OH!3
“Animal” (2010)

Kesha and the electro-rock duo, 3OH!3, were pretty much the perfect pop pairing and this song is the proof. Flipping the stereotype that women talk too much, the three artists have fun with Kesha singing about wanting to skip the polite chatter in favor of getting down to the fun part of hooking up. It’s an anthem for not taking one-night stands too seriously and going with the flow. It was a smash success when it was released and went on to become her second top ten single in the US and Canada.

#7: “Sleazy”
“Cannibal” (2010)

If there’s one theme in Kesha’s music, it’s that she’s an independent woman who does what she wants and this song is no exception! Sing-rapping about rich and bougie dudes hitting on her, Kesha makes it clear that she’s a woman who can get her own and that material possessions aren’t that impressive. With the pounding drums the song is bolder with more of a hip-hop sound than anything else she’d put out at the time, but that just gives her words more power and force. This tune is one for the ladies who won’t back down!

#6: “Blow”
“Cannibal” (2010)

This one is for the nights you don’t want to end. A signature Kesha song, the tune is about simply living it up in and going crazy for the night. The energy in her vocals and the catchy hook, match that feeling of being at an absolutely insane party and feeding off the energy of the crowd. It’s the kind of song that propels you through the night, and it’s no wonder it became her sixth consecutive top ten single in the US and Australia. Just like the song, the music video is fun and crazy with a cameo from James Van Der Beek as Kesha’s rival.

#5: “Die Young”
“Warrior” (2012)

As the first single from her second studio album, this entry proved that Kesha’s success wasn’t a fluke. Even though the song and title include the words, “die young,” the lyrics are a celebration of life meant to serve as a reminder that our time on Earth isn’t guaranteed, so live for every moment. A classic Kesha song, it makes the listener feel good and offers a bit of an escape. The single was not without controversy though; it was pulled from airplay on some radio stations in the US after the tragic occurrence of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

#4: “Praying”
“Rainbow” (2017)

Her first song in almost four years, 2017’s “Praying” is proof that Kesha won’t be broken. After her long legal battle with Dr. Luke kept her from making music, Kesha returned with this emotional and heart-breaking ballad clearly aimed at her allegedly abusive former producer. Unlike her early songs, we get to hear Kesha’s voice without autotune. Her vocals are raw and stripped down, which show what a tremendous talent she truly is. It’s one of her most honest and brave songs, and we’re excited to hear more like it.

#3: “Your Love Is My Drug”
“Animal” (2010)

Written with the help of her mother, Pebe, this song has to be one of Kesha’s most well known hits. While the tempo is upbeat, it’s a clever song because of its lyrical layers. It’s easy enough to think that it’s about being head over heels, it’s actually about Kesha’s codependent relationship with an ex-boyfriend. It’s catchy as hell though, and is another dance hit from the singer. To date, it’s sold over three million copies in just the US, making it over 2x Platinum.

#2: “We R Who We R”
“Cannibal” (2010)

Say what you want about Kesha, you can’t knock her for always being herself and living out loud. With this jam Kesha sings about embracing your inner weirdo and doing whatever the hell you want. She specifically wrote if after realizing that there was a surge in suicide rates among LGBTQIA teens but it’s a reminder for everyone to be who they are. It’s inspirational without being cheesy, which allows the message to hit home. The dance song debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard chart, making it the 17th song in history to premiere that high.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Kiss N Tell”
“The Harold Song”
“Crazy Kids" feat.

#1: “TiK ToK”
“Animal” (2010)

It’s impossible not to love this song! It’s rare that an artist’s debut single so perfectly captures who they are, but this one does just that. Inspired after a crazy night out where Kesha woke up surrounded by beautiful women the morning after, the lyrics capture that rock star lifestyle of not having a care in the world and doing what you want. What’s more, the electropop song shows off Kesha’s sense of humor with funny lines like “brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack.” The single is the monster hit of Kesha’s career with over 16 million copies sold as of 2017, making it one of the best-selling singles in digital music history.

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