Top 10 Funniest Joey Tribbiani Moments

Script written by Nick Spake Joey Tribbiani is one of the funniest TV characters ever. On Friends, he’s known to have the best one liners. In this countdown we take a look at some of the best Joey Tribbinai Moments! We’ve included Joey at Thanksgiving, Smell-the fart-acting, Joey doesn’t share foot, spit acting and the one with Ross and Monica’s cousin.

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Top 10 Joey Tribbiani Moments

Pop a seat in a recliner and order yourself two pizzas. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Joey Tribbiani Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest moments involving one of our favorite friends.

#10: 100% Natural
“The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin”

This subplot was initially deemed too tasteless for a Season 2 episode, but the showrunners eventually got their way in Season 7. Joey lands the audition of a lifetime with the next, next Martin Scorsese behind the camera. The catch is that his character is uncircumcised and Joey… well, isn’t. With some help from Monica, he’s able to fashion some fake foreskin with silly putty. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the filmmakers to realize that Joey is anything but natural. Interestingly enough, the word, “circumcision,” is never even spoken in this episode. Regardless, it’s the way the writers cleverly work around the network censors that makes this one of Joey’s most outrageous moments.

#9: Spit Acting
“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”

While that last gig doesn’t exactly pan out, Joey does score a role in a World War I epic. He even gets to share his scenes with Richard Crosby, played by real life acting giant Gary Oldman. Matt LeBlanc and Oldman play off each other wonderfully, although Joey has some trouble working with Richard, who apparently went to the Sylvester the Cat School of Acting. Richard explains to Joey that acting equals enunciation and enunciation equals spitting. And since Richard’s the acting veteran, Joey follows his advice. The result is a sidesplitting exchange that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “spit take.” If only Joey could teach Richard how to drink in moderation…

#8: Joey’s New Brain
“The One with Joey’s New Brain”

Of all the roles on Joey’s résumé, Dr. Drake Ramoray from “Days of Our Lives” has got to be his most famous. Unfortunately, after Joey enrages the writers, the doc is unceremoniously sent falling down an elevator shaft. Drake is resurrected several years later, however, receiving another character’s brain. Being a Ph.D., Ross is quick to point out that this procedure isn’t possible in real life. But since Joey plays a doctor on television, he considers himself the real expert. Scientifically sound explanation or not, we were all overjoyed to see Joey return as Dr. Drake… or is it Jessica Lockhart now?

#7: Letter of Recommendation
“The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits”

Whether he’s speaking English or French, Joey isn’t really so much with the words. Nevertheless, he insists on writing a letter of recommendation when Chandler and Monica are trying to adopt. In an effort to sound smart, Joey turns to a thesaurus, or a “THEsaurus” as he puts it. The problem is that Joey alters every word. Motivated to write a letter from his full-sized aortic pump, he then goes to the opposite extreme: Joey handwrites a letter with drawings, leading the adoption agency to believe he’s a child. Of course this ironically plays to Monica and Chandler’s advantage. Joey may be a lovable dummy at times, but this moment is nothing short of brilliant.

#6: Joey at Thanksgiving
Various Episodes

Whenever “Friends” did a Thanksgiving episode, we could expect two things: dinner would be held at Monica’s apartment and Joey would be the centerpiece. Given the character’s hefty appetite, Thanksgiving provided ample opportunity for some classic Joey-centric storylines. Who could forget the time he vowed to finish an entire turkey, donning a pair of maternity pants to power through the meal with enough room leftover for pie? Speaking of dessert, remember when he happily devoured Rachel’s trifle, which brought together the winning combination of custard, jam, and… meat? Whether he was getting his head stuck in a door or a turkey stuck on his head, Joey never failed to steal the Thanksgiving show.

#5: Smell-the-Fart Acting
“The One with the Lesbian Wedding”

If you thought spit acting sounded like a weird technique, wait until you get a load of this. During his early days as Dr. Drake Ramoray, Joey picks up some helpful tips from his co-stars. For starters, he must master the art of smell-the-fart acting. If you’re wondering what that is, well… just watch. The priceless expression on Joey’s face says it all. It’s not exactly Stanislavski’s system, but let’s be honest - long pauses are commonplace in television dramas, particularly soap operas. For all we know, the actors on-screen could be following Joey Tribbiani’s example, smelling the fart as they try to remember their lines.

#4: “Joey Doesn’t Share Food!”
“The One with the Birth Mother”

Joey is passionate about three things: acting, the ladies, and, above all else, food. A date with Phoebe’s friend takes a turn for the worse when she snatches a couple of fries off his plate. Despite his pet peeve of sharing food, he still sets up another date, this time ordering an additional plate of fries. When that doesn’t work, Joey makes it abundantly clear that he does not share food. Although his date seems understanding at first, she makes the mistake of leaving Joey alone with her dessert. The fact that Joey shows no remorse whatsoever makes this scene all the more hysterical. Relationships come and go, but chocolate torte is forever.

#3: The Game Show
“The One Where the Stripper Cries”

Joey Tribbiani on “Pyramid.” Honestly, what more needs to be said? This setup is laced with so many great comedic possibilities that the jokes practically write themselves. Although Joey improvises many of his lines on “Days of Our Lives,” he has trouble thinking on his toes here. Joey can’t get through even one round without giving away the answers. He’s not much better at guessing the answers either. In spite of his incompetence, Joey makes it to the Winners’ Circle where he does surprisingly well. With victory mere inches away, however, Joey slips up on the subject you’d think he’d know the most about: supermodels.

#2: “Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes?”
“The One Where No One’s Ready”

The entire cast fires on all cylinders in this classic episode, but Joey delivers quite possibly the funniest moment. A petty feud over a chair snowballs out of control as Joey steals the cushions and Chandler steals his underwear. In retaliation, Joey decides to do the opposite of hiding someone’s underpants, which is apparently wearing everything Chandler owns. This makes for one of the show’s best visual gags, topped off with Joey’s impression of a commando Chandler and a few lunges. What makes this scene especially hilarious is that it escalated from such a minor dilemma. Just as you should never eat Joey’s food, though, you should never come between him and a chair.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- I’m Curvy and I Like It
“The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits”

- Freud! The Musical
“The One with the Butt”

- Lipstick for Men
“The One with Ross’s Grant”

#1: “How You Doin’”?
Various Episodes

Joey Tribbiani has given us no shortage of quotable one-liners over the years, but our top spot had to go to his definitive catchphrase: “How are you doing?” Oh sorry, we mean, “How you doin’?” This is Joey’s default pickup line when he’s in the presence of attractive ladies, as well as fried stuff with cheese. Sometimes it works like magic. Other times... not so much. Either way, it’s guaranteed to trigger a positive response from the audience. These three iconic words have become a staple of Joey’s legacy. The line even resurfaces in the Showtime series, “Episodes,” where Matt LeBlanc, playing himself, is forced to reference his career-defining role. We’re doin’ just fine, thanks.


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